HSE Extension to First Aid Certificates

The Health and Safety Executive has advised of the following changes to certificate expiry dates:

Current Expiry DateNew Expiry Date
16th March 2020 – 30th April 202031st October 2020
1st May 2020 – 30th September 2020+ 6 months
1st October 2020 – 31st March 202131st March 2021
1st April 2021 onwardsNo change


If you are waiting to book onto your revalidation course, you must make an effort to keep your first aid skills up to date. Re-read your course manual or visit one of the following websites for a wee refresher:

To remain Covid-safe, we are offering a model of blended learning with our first aid courses. You can view our course calendar here.

First Aid for Mental Health Distance Learning Courses

We are pleased to announce that while our face to face courses are currently postponed, we will be delivering our First Aid for Mental Health Training via distanced learning.  This is a great opportunity to add to your CLPL portfolio.

The 2 day, Level 6 course takes approximately 14 hours in total, made up of a combination of interactive online teaching sessions and self-directed tasks. Assessment for the course is via one-to-one professional discussion with the course assessor by video conference.  Final assessments are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Click here for more information about this course

Dates and times are still to be decided but you can email outdoorlearning@elcschool.org.uk to register your interest and we will be in touch to confirm details.

When face to face training is back up and running, we will also be able to offer Learners in possession of the 1 day, Level 5 course the opportunity to upgrade their qualification to Level 6.  Details of this conversion course to follow.

Please to follow us on social media for more information.

Our primary channel will be Twitter @eloutdoored

We are also on Instagram @eloutdoored and Facebook @elcoutdoorlearning

Postbox Challenge

Do you know where your local postbox is? How about the closest five postboxes to your house? Have a go at our latest challenge in your home town and discover the exciting challenge that is orienteering

Please join us and download the fantastic App MapRunF and enjoy doing some local exercise in one of our East Lothian beautiful towns. We have created an orienteering course in every town that you are able to do at anytime and as many times as you wish. Lots of different possible varieties of route and course. Explore your town with a great map and find new pathways and interesting bits of your local urban environment. Click below to have a step by step to using MapRunF. Once you have downloaded map at home then no data is used in completing the course. Compete remotely with others across East Lothian. See your name appear in online results.

The App gives access to orienteering courses that exists without infrastructure – no physical controls have been placed around your town – your smartphone will beep when you are at the correct location on the map. You can navigate straight from a smartphone but you can download and perhaps print a paper copy of the map from the images at the bottom of this page. Paper copies of the maps will hopefully soon be available at every hub

Sometimes you may notice that the phone beeps before you are exactly at the location of the control shown on the map – or you may need to go past the location. The accuracy of system is related to the accuracy of the GPS and the environment will affect this – for example in steep valleys, or beside tall buildings or with dense tree cover the satellite signal for the GPS may not work as well. The signal is also affected by external factors, such as the number of overhead satellites at that time and weather and atmospheric conditions.

Normally you should expect the phone to detect the control and beep if you are somewhere within the control circle drawn on the map (somewhere within a radius of about 10m from the location of the feature – in these maps that feature is a postbox)

These courses are fully accesible – if you can get to a postbox in your town you can have a go at a course. You are timed but just having a go is what is important. You may want to observe: all the different designs of postboxes – on a pole, built into wall, hidden by a hedge, traditional cylinder; the age of the postbox – ER or GR; what is the most efficient way around your chosen 5 postboxes – is the quickest the shortest, what distance did you cover, how long did it take, what was your average speed. What if you were to visit all the postboxes in the town – how long might that take you based on your visit to 5? Please enjoy and share your experience on social media mentioning @eloutdoored or with the hashtag #virtualOEL

Thanks to amazing work from our local volunteer DR for putting these courses together.

For more orienteering information and details of local club please see East Lothian Orienteers website



Musselburgh West
Musselburgh East
North Berwick
Cockenzie and Port Seton
East Linton

Online activities for young navigators

Stuck inside, but still want to progress your navigation training, take a look here:

  • The excellent Digimap for Schools have provided a huge amount of great resources, see here for mapping ones. If you work in East Lothian contact me directly and I can give you the  login details – all scales of UK wide mapping and imagery online and to print out for FREE for teaching Outdoor Learning in ELC.
  • Ordnance Survey have lots of great stuff in their Get Outside programme – which I’m sure can be adapted for the indoors/garden. For younger kids also see their MapZone
  • Pure Outdoors have a Free Online Course – (though note I have NOT used this so will welcome feedback)
  • The NNAS’s  Outdoor Discover Award also has a set of star awards with suggested activities to do with young people.

Leave a comment below to let others know how you got on, what worked, what didn’t – and other other suggested references?