Cycle Routes from Gifford developed by Yester PS P7

Route 1

A circular 16km ride on and offroad route up to Lammerloch resevoir from Gifford. Ridden and developed by T, H, K, L and J.

Start to 1

From School to Hanging log.
Starting form the school we went along the road and took the second left. Go down the road till you get to the wall. When you get to the wall turn right past the Tweedale Arms Hotel. Then turn left, right, over a small bridge and on past the bowling club. Keep going over a bigger bridge and turn left onto the old railway track. About 100m along this you will come to a driveway with some amazing sculptures including two tress with a log hanging between them.

Hanging Log Sculpture
The Y junction

Hanging Log to Woodhead
Go past the hanging log into the field. Continue along the side/verge of the field. Stay on the left until you reach the road. Go straight across the road and into the trees on the other side. The path through the trees is smooth and dry. Go all the way through the trees until you come to a Y junction. Turn left up the hill over the crest and down the other side. Keep going straight ahead past the log pile and follow the stream up the hill until you reach the road at the top where you will find Woodhead demonstration farm

Junction above Woodhead Fram

Woodhead to Telephone box at Long Newton
Down the dip and up the hill and turn left. At the crossroads there is a nice view in front of you.

Lammerloch Reservoir

Telephone box to Lammerloch Res.
The cycle from the telephone box was mainly uphill and on road. Our legs were killing us and the sun was beaming on our face. We went past some horses and turned left  at the farm buildings and through the gate.The hill was massive and we were all exhausted going up it. Martyn tanked most of it (so it is possible to ride up it! – Ed). When we got up the hill we ate some well deserved apples and walked the short distance to the resevoir.

Just below Witches Knowe

Lammerloch to West Latch
When you finally get up the hill you turn left and keep going until you reach a downhill. You pass some hay bales and trampled mud.Then you go left and straight until you reach a cattle grid. There should be a little marsh to your right and then you eventually reach your second cattle grid after going straight. Then you go downhill, along a little bit and then uphill. When you reach the top of the hill you go straight on and then you reach your third cattle grid. Go forward and left and you will reach a stony bit. Turn left over the stones and then you go downhill a little bit. Once you reach the bottom of the hill there should be an uphill. Go over your fourth cattle grid and uphill and straight. You will reach a very steep downhill. At the bottom of the hill you will meet the road at West Latch

West Latch to Gifford

Entrance to Newton Hall (no cars)
Back at Gifford

Turn left along the road until we got to the entrance for Newton Hall. At this point there were signs dissuading us from going along the track. We decided that the signs were just for vehicles. We went down a long lovely hill and turned right at Cameron’s corner toward Gifford.

Route 2

A 16km ride mostly offroad joining Gifford with the village of Garvald.
Ridden and developed by E, P, E, E, N, R.

Start to 1 As you leave the school you go straight until the second left, go down the hill and take the left turn. Follow the road until you get to a black gate covered in moss. You will see a hill, cycle up it. There is a junction at which you turn left and continue up the steep hill. On the right the track slopes down. You want to go to the left and go up the hill all the way till you see a No Motorbikes sign.

1 to 2 It was very bumpy, there was a steep corner just after a little hill – but it was a really nice landscape. You are in a bit of a forest type of thing. We saw a teepee that after school club had made – it was really nice. After the corner there were cows in the field. There was an electric fence – well signed with warnings. E didn’t realise and leant on it – quite the surprise.

2 to 3 It was pretty much just bumpy and a bit wiggly. We all came down the hill. All of us weren’t sure about it. However once we did it is was fine. We kept on going and there were lots of little bridges that were really nice. There was quite a lot of mud too. It was a nice ride.

3 to 4 After you cross the road and come away form the Lodge cycle along the side of the Loch which is very, very bumpy path. (It hurts.) The loch, as you cycle along it gets thinner and thinner. Continue past the end of the loch around the edge of a field until you arrive at a gate and a road.

4 to 5 Follow the path along to the side of the next resevoir. This is a nice grass path. It gives a lovely view of the resevoir. I recommend that you wear shoes with laces otherwise you may get your feet stuck and lose your shoes in the mud (Ella managed this). After you get further into the path there may be a lot of flies, so wear glassess to help keep thenm out of your eyes. When you get to the end you will get to a lovely grassy area. It is a good stopping point to have some lunch.

 5 to 6 (Ouch my legs) After you have had a wee break at the end of the resevoir it is time to get back on your bike. Ride your bike down the steep hill – trust me it’s fun! (Watch out for the pot holes). Once you get to the bottom of the hill it is really smooth. Follw the track along the side of the burn. You need to be careful of all the bushes sticking out. A little later you have a mini junction where you want to turn left and go over the little bridge. The surface at this point is really smooth but there are lots of bends and twists.Then you get to another junction and another junction. Turn left at both (unless you want to go into the village of Garvald then turn right at the second junction). Most of what is left is for your legs to burn in pain (also known as about 5 really, really steep hills. After which you get the most amazing downhill!

From the bottom of this hill you should recognise where you are and retrace your route back to Gifford



Route 3

An 11 km ride through Yester Estate with a mysterious visit to the beautiful ruins of Yester Castle.

Developed and written by C, J, R, C, D, O. Also helped by T.

Start to 1 You start at the school and pass a barrier. In about 150m you need to take the second left and go down the hill for the first left then you go across and you’ll see a really old and run down car where all the tyres are flat and covered in moss. You are now at point 1 on the map.

Point 1 on map

1 to 2 Go from the gate over the bumps then take a left turn and follow that track up to the no motorbikes sign at a right turn

Point 2 on map

2 to 3 Once you have turned at the sign then continue straight on . It may seem a little bit muddy and rocky. After that you see a sign , then turn right and it will be really rocky and you may need to get off your bike and walk. After that you will see a bench and there will be the bull field. Watch out for the electric fence.

Point 3 on map
Bull field – watch out for elctric fence
Zooming down the hill to point 3

3 to 4 When you get to the bull field follow the path alongside the fence. It will take you to a step hill coming down. There are a lot of stones so watch out.. You take a left and follow the path till you get to a bridge

 4 to 5 We stopped at the bridge. The bridge was over water. We rode our bikes to a section where there is no bridge – just water on a slippy surface (ford). We managed to get over this without getting wet.

Point 5 on the map

 5 to 6 We all went up the after the ford and on up the hill. A perfect log to sit on for lunch was found at the top. After eating we went on along the trail and went down a tiny hill and then climbed up a big steep hill where we found the castle. We had to leave our bikes to explore the castle closely.

Perfect lunch spot

Yester Castle

6 to 7 Once you have looked around the castle you can come back down. Go over a bumpy bit and end up at the bridge. You turn left. You keep going forward until you find a green field bit – the path heads uphill to the right very steeply. Walk up the path that is very steep.. You will get back to the track that you first went up but now you head down it. At the bottom of the hill you will go over the ford once again.

Crosisng the ford again

7 to 8 Once you are over the ford you turn right and go up the track and watch out for muddy sections. There were also roots that were bumpy. After we got up the track there was a lodge and a gate

8 to 9 You have to cross the road carefully and probably lift your bike over the locked gate. On the other side of the road there is another locked gate and a kissing gatewhere you may be able to squeeze your bike through doing something like a wheelie (walking!)As you go along the length of the loch it will be very bumpy, there may be some puddles and it is very hilly. Once you have reached the end of the loch you can turn around and head back. Watch out for stones and mud

9 to Finish When you get to the end of the loch go back the way you came all the way to the school (not including the castle loop)

Hope you enjoy trying this out. Have a look at all the lovely views and watch out for roots, stones and steep drops. Have fun!

Route 4

Developed, ridden and written by P, I, H, L, M
An 18km ride from Gifford to Bolton loop. Half road and half off-road. Stars indicate road crossings and/or busy roads.

Start (my legs aren’t tired yet!) at the school. Go along Walden terrace. Turn left down The Wynd where you will find a large grass space and head across the path.. Turn right and cross the main road and head over the bridge – notice the strange yellow bollard. Continue past the bowling green. Go all the way up the road as far as Station House past the post box

1 (Boring fields!)
Turn left onto the railway path along through the woods until you reach the driveway of a large house on left. Say Hi to the pig if still present. Continue straight ahead onto the field edge. Unless you get attacked by a giant spider the boring fields will be just that, boring. Head across the field edge until you reach the road. (please take care crossing the road) The track continues on the other side of the road in much the same boring (and difficult) manner. Pass a pond on your right and stop when the track meets the river

2 – Pip Apple Ford At the Ford the only way across is to cycle through. Once across the ford cycle towards the gate not the green buses. Lift your bike over the fallen tree and cycle up the gravel drive towards Bankrugg. Cross the road at the top and head straight across to the farm (the farm with the bright red barn). Cycle past the barn and down a very bumpy grassy track. When you get toward the end you will pass a wind turbine on your right and then prepare to turn left on a busy road.

3  – Buzzy, Busy Road

Once you have turned left take the first right that you see. You should pass another wind turbine indicating that you have gone the correct way. Keep going on the road until you get to  the  junction just by Samuelston South Mains farm

4 -Potato Crates Turn right at the junction past the farm and keep cycling straight ahead. This part of the journey is pretty starightforward following the NCN 196. Follow the road left and then right at Begbie and continue until junction at West Lodge.

5 – legs are tired now!A very hilly part of the route. Make sure you stay to the left as the road is rather busy. Head up trowards Bolton. On entering Bolton take the first left (marked as a path) which takes you down a short but steep deent to a bridge. (Good lunch stop!)

6 – Pooh Bridge Go over the bridge and up the side of the field (there may be a big muddy puddle – beware). The track becomes singletrack and heads through a gate. There is a ditch on your left hand side. Keep going until you find a small wooden bench on your left hand side.

7 – Ivy’s Incline (something stupid slope) The path divides in two. Take the right hand path (BEWARE). This is steep, bumpy and narrow – keep your brakes covered on the descent. Once at the bottom carry on along the path with the river on your right and tall fence on your left until you get to a field.

8 – Boring field 2.0 Keep going along the side of the field for a little bit until you reach a very steep hill with a gate. Proceed through the gate and along the side of the field towards Slateford (pass the big green trees on your right. Keep going till you get to the top next to a house (Slateford). The grassy track becomes a gravel drive and continue along this until you reach the road.

9 – Speedy Go down the road until you pass the Gifford sign and prepare to take a left onto a path (look for the bin).

10 – School sweet school Follow the path along to the end of Walden Terrace – the school is just at the end of this road.

Route 5

Yester Estate Ride
Developed and written up by C, M, A, J, E and J

10 kilometre ride taking one and half to two hours

Mostly on gravel tracks – rolling hills. Some muddy sections and easy singletrack. About 2km of road.

Start at school and go along the road to the second turn off on Walden Terrace. Go down the hill and turn left at the junction down to the end of the road where you will find a high wall with a gate.

1 – Estate gate at edge of village
Go through gate  and you go up a steep but short climb up to a junction on a gravel road. Turn left at junction and climb up that hill until you get to a right hand turn marked with a finger post (Yester Path)

2 – Right hand junction
The route form 2 to 3 starts reasonably flat. There is a bit of downhill and then a sharp left. After this it is pretty flat and you go past a shelter made in the woods.Carry on along the bumpy flat then you turn tight and descend about 100 metres to a bench at a tight left turn.

3 – Bench with view (electric fence)
From the bench it’s about 10 metre until you get to a steep descent. Take care down the slope. Be aware of the sharp left turn at the bottom of the hill.Carry on down the path until you see a bridge on your right – trhen turn up there.

4 – Footbridge
When you get over the bridge there is a left muddy bend and a really steep hill.Once at top of hill keep going along rolling down and up again which becomes single track

5 – Just before muddy descent
Track turns downhill and very muddy in places. (We would advise you to wear glasses)The track goes up a little bit then along the stream until the track turns right and very steeply uphill to a gap in the wall.

6 – Gap in wall at top of hill
Turn left along the side of the field and onto a very rutted track. The ruts get less steep as the track heads towards the road. Be aware of the barbed wire fence on the right hand side.

7 – Road crossing
Once you have crossed the road the track becomes single track along the edge of the woods. Eventually you pass a gate and the track becomes wide

and runs quickly down and up and finishes at the edge of the road

8 – Road
Turn right down the road and continue straight until Cameron’s corner. Be aware of excess speed and gravelly patches on road

9 – Cameron’s CornerTurn right toward Gifford along past the golf course till you get to the main junction just outside of Gifford


10 – Golf course corner
Return to school along the road through the village