Educational Resources

Established to promote field-work and outdoor activities the hostel can offer field-work based activities, team-building and field-studies in East Lothian through The Outdoor Learning Service.  We can provide several of the Value-Added Geography Fieldwork National 4 and 5 resources and workbooks that are now available for East Lothian.

Value-Added Geography Resources

A number of East Lothain Schools and the Outdoor Learning Service have compiled a series of workbooks for Geography added-value fieldworks in East Lothian. There are currenty 4 workbooks which can fully occupy a 2 or 3 day Nat 4/5 fieldwork residential based out of Innerwick:1 – Human Geography of Dunbar

Tasks and exercises looking at land-use, spheres of influence, questionaires and other Human Geography topics in Dunbar.2 – Windfarm and Moorland

Mostly numeracy and Physical Geography upland-habitat of the windfarm above Innerwick.3 – Rivers Studies

Physical Geography river studies based at the Tyne near Haddington.

4 – Coastal Studies
Coastal eroision exersizes for Dunglass/Bilsdean area near Innerwick.

Please contact East Lothian Outdoor Learning Service for more information and access to these resources.