Expeditions. Duke of Edinburgh Award and similar

We are delighted to be able to support expeditions for East Lothian school and community groups. We offer expeditions by foot; bike; canoe; sea kayak.

Below are typical times based upon the DofE award framework. This will vary considerably depending upon group and method of travel.

Training Session4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs
Practice Expedition Route Planning3 hrs3 hrs3 hrs
Practice Expedition2 days3 days4 days
Qualifying Expedition Route Planning3 hrs3 hrs3 hrs
Qualifying Expedition2 days3 days4 days

See here for staff cost. Costs are for one member of staff supervising one walking group, includes all equipment hire and an additional cost for overnight supervision . This does not include potential costs for an additional assessor (if required), camp site fees, mini-bus hire etc.

We are able to resource paddling, biking, walking, winter expeditions.