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the ‘Curricular Outdoor Learning Request’ form

…has been implemented to help school staff and Outdoor Learning teaching staff work together to; plan, deliver and review using Supported Outdoor Learning Lessons as an approach to learning, teaching, and assessment.

There is no limit to the number of applications submitted from a single school.
Please complete the request form to the best of your ability and return to  If accepted, the finer details can be worked through before commencement of the request.

Some content in this section is pre COVID-19Our current priorities are supporting Education Recovery, Learning Outdoors in and around the school grounds.

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Specialist Outdoor Learning Teacher Provision

Adventure Award Days

Inter-School Challenges, Competitions and Festivals


First Aid for Pupils


Scottish Winter ‘Brilliant Residential’

Extra Curricular & Extra Requests

Outdoor Learning Programme ideas…

Specialist Outdoor Learning Teacher Provision

To request a member of Outdoor Learning teaching staff:

  1. Please complete a ‘Curricular Outdoor Learning Request Form’  with as much information as you can and return it to

A request is more likely to be accepted if it follows the below criteria:

a. School staff and Outdoor Learning teaching staff work together to; plan, deliver and review a progressive programme.  Using Supported Outdoor Learning Lessons as an approach to learning, teaching, and assessment.

b. Clear Learning Intensions and Success Criteria are identified, and linked with appropriate Curriculum Frameworks

c. Evidence is gathered and an evaluation is carried out producing Tangible Evidence of Impact.

d. Direct references to your School Improvement Plan, which in turn links with ELC Education Improvement Plan & NIF key priorities.

e. Staff training / Professional Learning is built into the project allowing the work to become sustainable without the need for further OL funding.  If this is not the case there is an expectation for the school to look to appropriate funding sources to enable the work to continue (assuming the Tangible Evidence of Impact is positive!)

  • All teaching projects are fully inclusive, working towards raising attainment using Outdoor Learning as an approach to learning. With a particular focus (depending on the class) on numeracy, literacy and health & wellbeing.  Where relevant and with certain targeted groups, teaching projects work towards Developing the Young Workforce and closing the attainment gap between the most and least disadvantaged children.  We are aiming towards most teaching projects delivering SCQF points.  All teaching projects are designed and delivered by fully qualified teaching staff.
  • When lessons/ projects are in the school grounds or local area the OL Teacher can provide all the necessary advice and training (inc. CLPL courses) for school based teachers, auxiliary staff, adult helpers etc. to develop and sustain teaching in the outdoor environment.
  • When lessons/ projects progress to include adventurous activities the OL Teacher can provide the technical competence/ skills/ knowledge to deliver these lessons alongside school-based teachers, auxiliary staff, adult helpers etc.

Adventure Award Days

To book an instructor led session:

  1. Check the PUPIL EVENTS – Outdoor Learning Calendar
  2. Phone or email the Outdoor Learning Service to arrange provisional dates times and numbers
  3. Complete a ‘Curricular Outdoor Learning Request Form’ and email it to to confirm the booking.
  • These are orienteering, climbing and paddle-sports sessions for pupils run at venues across the county.
  • This is an opportunity for young people to gain the skills needed to progress in a range of Outdoor & Adventurous Sports. Young people have the opportunity to gain local and national certification.  All awards meet a range of CfE experiences and outcomes.

Inter-School Challenges, Competitions and Festivals

Click on the image below to discover what we have on offer this academic year


Bikeability is based on the government approved National Standards for Cycle Training, which teaches trainees the necessary skills to ride confidently on today’s roads.

It is a life-long skill that can be instilled at a young age, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, boosting confidence and developing independence.

There are three award levels for Bikeability, with a level to suit all abilities, from beginner to experienced commuter or rider:

  • Level 1 teaches basic bike-handling skills in a controlled traffic-free environment.
  • Level 2 teaches trainees to cycle planned routes on minor roads, offering a real cycling experience.
  • Level 3 ensures trainees are able to manage a variety of traffic conditions and is delivered on busier roads with advanced features and layouts.

Email  if you would like to find out more about how the pupils in your school can take part.

First Aid for Pupils

Many schools take up First Aid training for their pupils. This has been successfully delivered to pupils from P1 onwards. Training is specifically tailored to suit the age and ability of pupils. Please complete a ‘Curricular Outdoor Learning Request Form’  and submit to

For staff First Aid Training please see our For Training section of the website.


Don’t forget the wonderful Old School House Innerwick available for adventures all year round.

Scottish Winter ‘Brilliant Residential’

We are offering a school the chance to have their pupils go on a Scottish Winter ‘Brilliant Residential’ There is a nominal charge of £20 per pupil for this trip. This then includes all transport food, accommodation, and winter adventure activities (led by Outdoor Learning Teaching staff). This offer is open to any ELC school. Numbers will be limited to approx a dozen young people. To take up this offer please get in touch with and be prepared to complete a ‘Curricula Outdoor Learning Request form’

This fantastic opportunity is made possible through your Outdoor Learning Service being able to deliver professional learning to Outdoor Professional organisations. – (BAIML; MTA)

Extra curricular and Extra Request sessions

To arrange bespoke sessions:

Please complete the Staff/ Session Booking Form and email to .

Outdoor Learning Programme Ideas…

Click here for sample programmes