Management of Catastrophic Bleeding

Duration: half-day*

Regulated course

Industry recommended

Practical course

Course summary:

Management of catastrophic bleeding is an essential ‘bolt-on’ for anybody working in a higher-risk environment or using potentially dangerous machinery. It is also suitable for any person wanting to learn additional first aid skills or know how to safely manage an external bleed.

This qualification is highly recommended for anyone in catering, engineering, mechanics or construction.   This course can be delivered as a standalone or as part of other first aid training.

Topics covered:

  • Recognition of catastrophic bleeding
  • Principles of bleeding control
  • Stepwise approach to managing external bleeding
  • Haemorrhage control – wound packing
  • Haemorrhage control – application of a tourniquet


This course is assessed through practical observation.

Reasonable Adjustment:

We will do our best to make adaptations for learners who have a disability, medical condition. If you think you might need additional help to complete any part of this course or the assessment, please let us know at the time of booking.

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