OL Teacher in Residence

To request a block of Outdoor Learning Teacher in Residence time for your school a request from needs to be completed – link at bottom of page

We have a finite number of weeks available. A request is more likely to be accepted if…

a. School staff and Outdoor Learning teaching staff work together to; plan, deliver and review a progressive programme.  Using Supported Outdoor Learning Lessons as an approach to learning, teaching, and assessment.
b. The programmes are planned and delivered with whole classes and across year groups.
c. Clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are identified, and linked with appropriate Curriculum Frameworks
d. Evidence is gathered and an evaluation is carried out producing Tangible Evidence of Impact.
e. Direct references to your School Improvement Plan, which in turn links with ELC Education Improvement Plan & NIF key priorities.
f. Staff training / Professional Learning is built into the project allowing the work to become sustainable.

When lessons/ projects are in the school grounds or local area the OL Teacher can provide all the necessary advice and training (inc. CLPL courses) for school based teachers, auxiliary staff, adult helpers etc. to develop and sustain teaching in the outdoor environment to whole classes.

When lessons/ projects progress to include adventurous activities the OL Teacher can provide the technical competence/ skills/ knowledge to deliver these lessons alongside school-based teachers, auxiliary staff, adult helpers etc.

Please complete the Outdoor Learning REQUEST FORM  with as much information as you can. If accepted, the finer details can be worked through before the teaching block begins.

Pre-planned Teacher in Residence Programmes

Please apply for all Teacher in Residence programmes (including those below) through the REQUEST FORM

Geography Field-studies Residential – Cairngorms National Park