Outdoor First Aid

Duration: 2 Days (16 hours)

Accredited syllabus

Meets all NGB requirements

Minimum age 16+

Course Summary:

This 16 hour course will enable learners to attain the knowledge and practical competencies needed to deal with a range of emergency situations in the outdoor environment when you may be far from help. 

This course is aimed at those working in the outdoor environment and ideal for staff who regularly lead or assist with adventurous activities. The course fulfils the basic requirements for all NGB outdoor qualifications. 

Key Information:

  • This is a regulated qualification with a minimum of 16 learning hours – learners must attend the full course in order to gain certification.
  • The revalidation for this qualification is a further 2 day Outdoor First Aid course every 3 years.
  • First aid is physically challenging – learners must be able to fully engage with all practical elements and be able to work on the floor in order to meet the assessment criteria.
  • Due to the practical and environmental nature of this course, appropriate and comfortable outdoor clothing is advised.
  • If you require any additional support to help you access this course, please let us know at time of booking wherever possible.
  • This course meets criteria 1.4 of the Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning 

Course Content:

  • Understanding the scope of first aid in the outdoors
  • Interpreting and responding to vital sign information whilst responding to an emergency incident in the outdoors
  • Prioritising casualties with multiple injuries
  • Assessing an emergency incident in the outdoors
  • Managing a casualty when assistance is more than 30 minutes away
  • Responding to an incident involving an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally
  • Demonstrating when and how to remove outdoor activity equipment from a casualty
  • Administering first aid to a casualty who is choking
  • Identifying the severity of external bleeding
  • Recognising and managing a casualty in shock
  • Applying incident management and casualty assessment principles
  • Responding to an incident involving limb injury
  • Responding to an incident involving head, neck, spine or torso injuries
  • Responding to medical emergency or sudden illness in the outdoors
  • Responding to an incident involving the effects of heat or cold
  • Responding to an incident involving activity or environmental factors (including lightning strike)


Assessments for this course are a written question paper and practical scenarios which are assessed informally throughout the course. 

Reasonable Adjustment:

We will do our best to make adaptations for learners who have a disability, medical condition or learning need however, to comply with first aid regulations, learners must be able to meet the minimum standards for assessment, which include performing CPR and recovery position on the floor. 

If you think you might need additional help to complete any part of this course or the assessment, please let us know at the time of booking.

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