Outdoor Learning Programme Ideas…

Content in this section is pre COVID-19 – Our current priorities are supporting Education Recovery, Learning Outdoors in and around the school grounds.

The list of outdoor programmes and awards below is not an exhaustive list. These are possible ‘packaged’ options. Bespoke programmes can always be put together and tailored to meet the learning needs of individual pupils.

National Outdoor Programmes

Natural Connections – link

John Muir Award (Primary + Secondary pupils) – link

Duke of Edinburgh Award (ages Bronze school year they turn 14, Silver school year they turn 14, Gold 16+) – link

Outdoor Programmes at SCQF Level 6 – link

Outdoor & Adventure Sports – Skills Courses

Bikeability Level 1-3 – link

National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (age 7+) – link

National Navigation Award Scheme, Outdoor Discovery Award (Primary and Secondary) – link

National Navigation Award Scheme, Navigator Awards (Secondary+) – link

British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards – link

Mountain Training, Hill Skills (age 12+) – link

Mountain Training, Mountain Skills (age 12+) – link

Outdoor & Adventure Sports – Leadership/ Coaching Courses

Paddle Sport Instructor

Mountain Training Lowland Leader Training (Age 17+) – link

Mountain Training Lowland Leader Assessment (Age 18+) – link

Sample ‘lesson plan’ for Prehistoric East Lothian