Coasteering…Active Risk Management

Ross High pupils coasteering in beautiful December sunshine.On December 4th seven puupils from Ross High along with Mr Berry undertook an immersion course in Risk Management. The S6 pupils were working on risk assessment by undertaking a short journey along East Lothian’s coastline at North Berwick. Also known as coasteering, the half day certainly made pulses quicken for the students. Before setting out on our journey a substantial amount of time was spent in the classroom at the outdoor education base looking at the practicalities of risk management: forecasts; previous weather systems; maps; tide times; group ability; previous experience; equipment; clothing; emergency procedures; contact infromation. Once all of these issues had been gone through the pupils eagerly took to the activity – whilst doing their own personal dynamic risk assessment (challenge by choice!). We returned to the outdoor education base for lunchtime with smiles and memories of a very different and enjoyable lesson on risk management!

SPORTident arrives

Yesterdays orienteering cluster day at Yellowcraigs saw Aberlady, Saltoun and Humbie Primary schools become the first to use OE’s new SPORTident kit.  Out are fixed start times, paper cards and punches. In are electronic controls and dibbers.  The system allows us to run oreineteering events more efficiently – and to give participants much better feedback on how they have done.   Competitors carry an electronic dibber which stores their times for each control.  After finishing the event they automatically recieve a printout of their times, including splits.  This really improves pupils motivation,  and lets them work out what they did wrong, or could do better next time on their course.  And it also makes setting up and managing event results much more efficient.

For more information on using the system or contact Martyn Pegg at OE.


Over 150 IMLs attended the BAIML AGM and CPD weekend in the wet and windy Lakes. A wide range of CPD was on offer including Bushcraft and Improvised Rescue.  One of the highlights of the weekend for me was  making ‘fire-by-friction’ … ok, so it was a team effort, but there is still something really personally satisfying in starting out with a couple of bits of sticks and string and ending up with real live fire.   The Improvised Rescue was held under in the shelter of the hotel porch and covered many aspects of recovering from various rock-climbing belay mishaps … mostly escaping from systems, and recovering partners/clients.  An excellent session run by Simon Hale, of PyB, a Guide and, since the AGM, now a ‘lifelong member of BAIML.

See photies ( and click to download any from Picasa).

S6 Challenge – reminder!

A reminder that the S6 Challenge will be held at Yellowcraigs next Friday – December 11th.

Mini-buses should arrive at Yellowcraigs car-park for 10:00am. After the excellent turnouts for the previous challenges it would be great to see all East Lothian Secondary schools represented … and if PL are to claim the 09/10 grand-slam then it’ll be all the better for them to have triumphed over all schools!
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