East Lothian Schools Outdoor Water Safety Programme

Safely Swim Wild is a programme designed to introduce primary age children to water safety and swimming in natural water in and around East Lothians natural water bodies.

East Lothians environment is rich and diverse in types of open/ natural/ wild water bodies accessible by all. This includes an extensive coastline, rivers, lagoons, ponds and reservoirs.

The programme consists of two parts. Firstly, lessons within the school learning environment

  • setting the scene
  • the differences between indoor pools and open water .
  • introducing new terminology
  • learning about different types of open water
  • etc…
  • …all with clear links to the curriculum.

Followed by practical sessions in and around the schools local natural water to develop an understanding of

  • Who to be with
  • How to enter the water
  • Difference in temperature
  • How to swim
  • How to call for help if needed
  • etc…