Preston Lodge Cluster Transition Challenge

Over 180 pupils from Cockenzie, Longniddry, Prestonpans and St Gabriel’s Primay Schools competed this morning on an outdoor challenge at Meadow Mill Sports grounds. This was the first of three days where all of the P7s moving up to Preston Lodge High School next year get a chance to work together. And, it also give the PL staff a chance to meet their next year’s S1s.

The format of the day was similar to the Secondary Challenges that these pupils will have a chance to compete in when the go up to PL.

The pupils were split into teams and had to journey around a number of different stations using a map of Meadowmill. At each station the team was tasked with a timed challenge. This was a team activity that involved a mixture of physical, and mental exercizes. All the challenges were different; at one the team needed to build a shelter, at another to identify local landmarks and give their direction using a compass. At each challenge tokens were awarded, these tokens would be needed to ‘buy’ equipment on their final challenge.

Due to heavy rain in the first half of the morning, the final challenge, where the pupils had to build and fire a catapult, had to be brought forward to lunchtime. Even with the early finish the event went well.

Well done to the pupils who competed so enthusiastically, in some pretty adverse conditions at times. Thanks very much to all of the staff who helped, survived the wet, and especially to Ms Binks from PL for organising and running the day.

High Hopes for Cockenzie Primary

Tuesday and Wednesday saw Mrs Munro and Miss Drummond’s P5s enjoying some fine spring weather at the Hopes reservoir and surrounding Lammermuir Hills .

Click here for full-screen slide-show.

This was the first two of five days of hill-walking being provided to Cockenzie Primary. As well as basking in the first warm days of Spring both groups got to enjoy messing about in the last of the melting patches of snow.

All of the pupils were responsible for leading different legs of their journey around the reservoir and back over the hill-tops. They all learned how to read an Ordnance Survey map, how to to calculate how far they have walked by using the map’s scale – and why it ‘hurts more‘ when your route crosses lots of those brown lines on the map. (Going up-hill over lots of contours!). However one group did have fun on the descents – click here for the video.

For more photos also see the posts at the Cockenzie edubuzz blog.