Somewhere…beyond the Sea

As part of The Explorer John Muir Award for pupils from Ross High, East Lothian Ranger Service and The Outdoor Education Service came together to deliver a very different exploring experience. Coasteering or extreme rockpooling. Next week the pupils are investigating life within rockpools – this week they were the life in the rockpools and the rest of the intertidal zone.

The pupils have been working with the Ranger and Outdoor Education Services since August 2009. The exploring began high up in the Moorfoots at the source of the river Esk and is now drawing to a close investigating the mouth of the river and beyond.

The whole river study programme has consisted of: map work and model making of the river; journey to source; gorge walking; land use/ measurement in mid section; canoeing on Gladshouse resevoir; River dipping at the mouth/ human impact and fishing; coasteering; rockpooling; coastal fishing industry; boat trip to Bass Rock; celebration and presentation of certificates back in school. Further information and pictures on the work that the pupils have been doing can be found here

The final celebration and presentation will take place in June.