Adv Higher Biology and Geography out and about

Last Wed and Thursday saw a multi-school, joint subjects fieldwork out in some of East Lothian’s top locations.

Biology and Geography Adv Higher  pupils from Preston Lodge , Musselburgh Grammar and Ross High traveled round the county,   staying overnight at the Innerwick Field-Studies Center.


In the words of Jane Park, Biology teacher at Musselburgh,

“We managed to cover a large part of the required coursework and the pupils were really inspired by our beautiful coastline … think a number of them intend to carry out coastal or countryside investigations as part of their AH project work”


Musselburgh Grammar S3 Geography trip

Musselburgh Grammar S3 Geography had a great day out exploring rivers and coastlines in East Lothian.

The day started out with a waterfall session on Billsdean Creek followed by a walk downstream to explore the shore – fossilised trees were spotted as were textbook natural arches.

Mr Duff pointing out some fossilised trees on the shore
Natural arch – an opportunity for some field sketches

Rather than brave the crossing of the A1, a shortcut under the road was taken!

Moving on to Hedderwick Burn, lunch was taken in the tipi tent and some after lunch slacklining before moving on to study the meanders at in the lower course of the river.

A great chance to see at first hand some of the features the class have been studying in class – and the sun shone!



MGS AH Geographers get an inclination

Yesterday Musselburgh Grammer’s Advanced Higher Geographers were out and about around East Lothian seeing some of it’s fine Geographical features and practicing some Geographical fieldwork Methods and Techniques.

First stop was a bracing visit to Yellowcraig beach to investigate the sand-dune progression model. The students collected change of slope measurements using inclinonmeters and sampled plant species change from the shore-line inland to the fixed dunes.

After that it was off to the John Muir Country Park to make ‘basecamp’.

From here we discussed the competing land-uses and potential conflicts of the land-users of the area; recreation, farming, watersports and forestry. Plus interviewing some visitors who looked like they had travelled far to visit the park; they were LAMentaly uncomunicative though.

Final session was a dicussion, view and field-sketch of meanders by Heddrewick Hill. (And had the tide not been so high as to make the river run inland we could have taken some measurements of the flow!)

For an ‘all pictuer’ slide-show – click here

MGS Int2 Geographers go for a meander

Musselburgh Grammar School’s Intermediate 2 Geographers were treated to a feast of East Lothian’s Geographical highlights on a fieldtrip on Tuesday.

The trip started with a visit to Cove to see some examples of coastal scenery; headlands and bays, arches, stacks and caves … and a dead seal.

After that it was off to Linn Dean to get up close (and wet) with a Geography text book picture perfect waterfall.

From there there was an after-lunch field sketch session and dicussion of lower river course features and processes at Hedderwick Hill.

Hopefully seeing these featurers and proccess ‘live and in action’ will help these pupils better understand the physical geography of East Lothian. Thanks to Ms Taylor for her help and support.

To see an ‘all pictures slideshow’ – click here.


Another trip up the crystal clear waters of Bilsdean and Dungas for Dunbar S3 Geographers …

All things Waterfall process … plunge-pools, overhangs, gorge-creation, hard/soft-rock – all there to be seen.