Go Canoeing and Kayaking

Enjoy the last days of the summer and get yourself on the water with your Outdoor Learning Service. We have introduction to canoe and/or kayak evenings on the following dates

Thursday 29th August 2013
Thursday 5th September 2013
Thursday 12th September 2013

All take place on an evening 4.30pm to 6.30pm*. All courses are free. Booking is available here

*If you are unable to get to Musselburgh for 4.30 but would still like to participate then please just let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate you. 

These introduction evenings are the beginning of a year long programme of paddlesport which you may wish to embark upon to be able to deliver your own canoe and kayak sessions as a SCA Level 1 qualified coach – more details available here.

You can of course just choose to do one (or more) of these introductory evenings.

Would YOU like to take pupils Canoeing or Kayaking?


A fantastic opportunity to become a  paddlesport coach – all easily accessible within East Lothian

BCU/UKCC Level 1 Paddlesport coaching course

12 & 13 March 2011  0900-1700 (weekend)

This course is being run at the Outdoor Learning Service base here in Musselburgh by the Scottish Canoe Association

The cost of the 2 day course will be £25 (normally £100 but subsidised by 75% for SCA members)

Please click here to view the coaching pathway for paddlesport



2 star paddlesport award – Syllabus here. Free from you Outdoor Learning Service. Certification costs of £5

Dates of training and assessment you can access if needed. These only need to attended if you need your 2 star award

26 Nov 2010   1300-1700

10 Dec 2010    1300-1700

15 Jan 2011     1000-1500

11 Feb 2011    1300-1700

25 Feb 2011    1300-1700


Foundation Safety and Rescue Training Course – free from your Outdoor Learning Service. Certification costs (£10?)

27 Nov 2010     0900 – 1600


Be a member of the SCA (Scottish Canoe Association) £30


Before the course you will require to register for the award at a cost of £39

Total cost  approx £110 plus your time and effort. This is fantastic value to become a UKCC (United Kingdom Coaching Certificate) level 1 coach in paddlesport.

The 2 day course will run here at your Outdoor Learning Base at Musselburgh. The FSRT course will be run here at Musselburgh. Training and Assessment for 2 star paddlesport will be held at various locations across East Lothian: River Tyne; River Esk; Whitadder reservoir; Musselburgh Lagoons; Prestonpans swimming pool.

With guidance/ observation and further experience you will be able to use boats from the outdoor learning service at specific venues (Musselburgh Lagoons/ Seafield Pond – West Barns/ River Tyne at Haddington/ Prestonpans Swimming pool) to coach your own pupils or indeed fellow staff. As a level 1 coach you will receive frequent invites from your Outdoor Learning Service to assist on paddlesport course and expeditions. See some of our expedition reports and photos on the Outdoor Learning Website

In the first instance please get in touch with Martyn Pegg as soon as possible

Please note that this is for teaching staff only (evidence of teaching qualification required) and for those that have some experience of paddlesport and an interest in coaching/teaching others in the sport.

Of paddles and paperwork …

Turn on your speakers and click on the above to play, or click here to view and download the slides and video clips stored in Picasa

Last week I attended the UK CC L2 Canoe and Kayak Coach Training at Glenmore Lodge. As always we were well looked after – in fact I’m sure I’ve returned a couple of pounds heavier.

The course was delivered by Ian Sherington and Shaun Roberts of the Lodge, observed and often ably assisted by the George Fell. The instruction was excellent, they even managed to lay on a whole week of no wind and lots of sun. The Level 2 Coaching Award is up a notch from the Level 1 in terms of the slickness and variety of coaching styles expected, the higher standard you can coach and assess paddlers to (up to the 2 Star Award) – and most importantly it demands that you are able to design and deliver a progressive set of sessions to your students.

So why the post title ‘Of paddles and paperwork …‘ ? Yes, it was a good course we had a lot of time out on the water in excellent conditions … but unfortunately too many valuable course hours were required to be taken up with helping us candidates to navigate our way through the labyrinth of UKCC / BCU paperwork, evidence gathering and down-right bureaucracy that is required to be collated for our assessment. I believe that moves are afoot to simplify this process and this really can’t come too soon. It’s one thing asking those of us who need these awards for their jobs to do this – it’s quite another to expect those who volunteer to go through this torture.

Anyway I’ll try and put that out of my mind for now and just get on with enjoying my paddling … as with these courses there were lots of laughs to relieve the stress of delivering sessions to your peers, so thanks to Lesley, Andrew, Imogen, Ian, Mark and John for some great banter. And also see Lesley’s Blog for more chat and pictures…

Click on following for a slide-show, or click here to view and download the slides and video clips stored in Picasa

SCA Coaching Conference

Something for the Weekend

Coaching Conference Flyer

Calling all paddlesport coaches and paddlers within East Lothian. This years Scottish Canoe Association Coaching Conference takes place at Glenmore Lodge on the 10th – 12th September 2010.

Booking form and further programme information available here
It will I’m sure as always be an interesting and informative weekend for all. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Elphinstone Local Heroes

Last week saw Elphinstones P7 camp. In conjunction with the Outdoor Education Service and East Lothian Ranger Service the pupils from Elphinstone Primary have eschewed a week at a residential centre for a week within their local environ. It has enabled the pupils to appreciate their local environment and leave them with lots of opportunities for further learning.

Whilst viewing the photos please make sure that you note: clearing up of someone else’s fire pit; spotting 10 baby eider duck whilst coasteering; the group catching, gutting, cleaning, cooking eating some fish (sea to sauce to mouth!)

The group did as much as possible themselves this week and they all deserve a massive amount of praise for the hard work that they put in. Well done to all the school staff who put in a incredible effort this week also.

The pupils week consisted of

Monday – Kayak – River Tyne and Forth (off Yellowcraig Beach)
Tuesday – Orienteer; Coasteer; Fishing; Overnight Bivi in Hammocks
Wednesday – Travel to Peebles – Initiative Tasks and Woodland Walk – overnight Camp
Thursday – Canoe River Tweed – Overnight Camp
Friday – Pack up – return and Debrief
The pupils are working towards giving a presentation concerning their clean up of fire sites and looking at continuing this work with woodland sites even more local to their school.

Have the pupils at your primary school been stretched recently? Can you say that the learning opportunities were abundant during your school camp? – Elphinstone certainly can.



Extreme Rockpooling

Leaving No Trace

Canoeing the River Tweed

Working hard in Peebles

Hammock Experience

Discovering the journey of food