Only … 24 hours from ‘staneford

Athelstaneford Primary School P4-7 had a full day and overnight adventure with assistance from ELC Outdoor Learning Service.
After preparing for 24 hours in the wilderness the class was transported up to the foothills of the Lammermuirs at Longyester.

A full day walk into a strong southerly breeze resulted in finally reaching the summit of Lammerlaw for well deserved far reaching views in all directions.

After a much quicker descent (wind and gravity assisted) the class then arrived at Blinkbonny Wood and set up camp (some tents; some hammocks and tarps; some teepees)

Dinner was duly cooked on an open fire and devoured with some relish; fun was had at the composting toilet!; marshmallows were toasted (burnt); exploring the woods in the gathering gloom of the evening.

Much resilience was required by all in getting to sleep in an unfamiliar environment – whether in hammock, tent or teepee. Well done to the boys who managed to stay asleep whilst their tent blew down! A couple of minutes later and they were installed in another more stable tent.

A big thanks to Mr Devereux and all the pupils from P4-7 at Athelstaneford.

A photo slideshow is available on the school P4-7 website

Hope(s) for Cockenzie Primary P5

All of Cockenzie P5 are currently having adventure days out on the hills above Hopes reservoir in the Lammermuirs. Confident individuals  and responsible citizens one and all.


The pupils are heading out in small groups looking at what it takes to plan and prepare a full days adventure. Not always easy weather or walking for a P5 pupil in March.

All pupils so far have taken to their adventure very well – showing great resilience; good planning and preparation; empathy toward others; developing good map reading skills.

Feedback from the school
Anthony … was fantastic with the children, providing opportunities for learning, preparing them emotionally and physically before and during the hillwalk, highlighting personal safety and encouraging team work.  The children have all came back so far talking about how great it was, what fun they had and sharing what they remembered and enjoyed with others.  I would recommend this to anyone as outdoor learning of this kind offers wonderful opportunities with highly skilled staff and caters for all children. 

More tales of their adventures and photos are available on their school site here

Loretto RC Primary P7 Hillwalking trip

The sun shone and the wind blew for the Loretto RC P7 Primary hillwalking trip in the Lammermuir Hills. After gearing up at the East Lothian Outdoor Learning Service…

…we headed for the hills. All the pupils have been working on their mapwork in class with Mr Paul over the last few weeks so this was a chance to use those skills on the hill.


It was windy on the way up but the sun stayed out and we were treated to some great views across the hills.

Approaching the summit, everyone took a bearing and we struck off across country to the summit.

Great views across the hills

It’s not a spaceship! Lunch was had at the summit in the group shelter – a tight squeeze!

Although the summit was cold and windy, everyone made it to the top of Lammer Law. Clear views across the Forth to Fife!

It is one thing learning a skill such as map reading in the classroom but there is no substitute for using the skills for real and seeing how a map relates to the hills you’re standing on.

A superb day out and one the class will remember for a long time!

Click HERE for a map of the route.

Feedback Always Welcomed

Noticed this on my way into work today and thought it may be some direct feedback from one of our navigation courses. (Maybe the perpetrator got disturbed before being able to write the final S)

Our most recent navigation course was last night (Tuesday) when eight hardy souls came out with Andy and Martyn to engage in some poor visibility navigation practice. The weather was perfect – driving rain; swirling high winds; boggy underfoot – truly wonderful experience for all!

No pictures – it was all a bit dark.

3 of our participants are teachers on the verge of achieving their Summer Mountain Leader Award – an award which will mean they can lead groups in UK mountains in summer conditions. This is great news for the young people of East Lothian – more opportunities to take their learning outside.

If anyone can identify the East Lothian location of the picture above then please let us know. First correct reply wins a romer.

A river brought to life – Dirleton Primary

Dirleton Primary – P6/7 class have been working on rivers this term and decided that they needed to get some first hand experience of the wet stuff.

The class explored outside on two different days and both did very different investigations.
Half the class went out and compared and contrasted two different sections of the River Tyne – (East Linton and Pencaitland). They took measurements (speed; width; depth – full profile picture) and investigated the life within the river.

The other half of the class spent their day out travelling from Source to Sea. The hardest part of this day was finding the source – who knew it would be uphill!. Once we had found the source though they were safe in the knowledge that the rest of the days journey would be downhill. All the words on the wall of their classroom display are now supplemented with photographs that they have taken. Erosion;deposition;levee; source;meander; flood plain; mouth etc.

The two half of the classess then came inside and compared their work and have put all their experiences together on a display board inside the classoom. A river has been brought to life.

See images below