Musselburgh Grammar S3 Geography trip

Musselburgh Grammar S3 Geography had a great day out exploring rivers and coastlines in East Lothian.

The day started out with a waterfall session on Billsdean Creek followed by a walk downstream to explore the shore – fossilised trees were spotted as were textbook natural arches.

Mr Duff pointing out some fossilised trees on the shore
Natural arch – an opportunity for some field sketches

Rather than brave the crossing of the A1, a shortcut under the road was taken!

Moving on to Hedderwick Burn, lunch was taken in the tipi tent and some after lunch slacklining before moving on to study the meanders at in the lower course of the river.

A great chance to see at first hand some of the features the class have been studying in class – and the sun shone!



DGS S4 Geographers, sea arches and waterfalls

Click on the image for a slideshow
Click on the image for a slideshow

Last Friday saw Dunbar Grammar School S4s getting up close (and wet) visiting a couple of East Lothian’s best physical geography gems. Starting from Bilsdean bridge the group walked along and down through Dunglas Dean and onto the beach. Passing on the way many fine examples of East Lothians geological past … including ice-age meltwater erosion in Dunglas Dean.

After a quick fire and cuppa the group went along the beach to marvel at the natural sea arches just north Bilsdean. The walk then continued up the river bed of Bilsdean Burn to Bisdean waterfall; a textbook example for Standard Grade Geography water-fall processes. The circuit was completed by going back under the A1 and railway lline in the drainage culverts to the mini-bus.

The afternoon provided many great examples of physical geography in action – hopefully images that will stay with these pupils through to their Standard Grade exams … and well beyond.

For more information on physical geography in East Lothian see the East Lothian Landscape Resources Outdoor Ed posting.