Preston Lodge PE – Alternative Sport

Preston Lodge’s Physical Education Department continue apace with their orienteering programme and the most recent cohort of students finished their first module with a small competition on the nearby fields of Meadowmill.

The results from this course can be found at  PL Orienteer Meadowmill Jan 14 2011

The PE and Maths department work closely together within PL in developing pupils in both areas of the school curriculum through Orienteering. The Outdoor Learning Service is delighted to be able to offer continuing  support for this.

Any questions about Preston Lodge High School’s programme then please get in touch direct with Ian Sellwood at PL.

PL’s Fairy Castle Adventure

Click here for a full screen slideshow

Yesterdays intrepid group of girls from Preston Lodge ventured out into the snowy Lammermuirs to explore Fairy Castle. We’d intended to drive up through Elmscleuch and walk over Packman’s Grave over Moneynut Edge. Unfortunately though the road up past the farm is sheet ice …. no-way in the mini-bus!

In the end we parked at Aikengall Farm and walked up the new turbine access road, and dropped down into the Dunglas Deans. Most of the snow is now gone, and it was all pretty wet and boggy on the fields, and sheet ice on the tracks.

After a sheltered lunch in the teep-pee we walked up onto the top of Moneynut Edge for full veiw of all of the turbines before returning back to Aikengall.

While some of these pupils have done some Outdoor Activities before for many it was something new and quite a challenge. By the end of the day they all agree that they had enjoyed it, and had also learned about renewable energy in East Lothian. Thanks to Mr Bell and Mr Lynas for assisting.

Just another day at school?

‘What did you do at school today son?’
‘Really? You must have done something?’
‘Well this guy came in to school from the Outdoor Learning Service. He drove us to their base in Musselburgh where we got kitted out like Arctic explorers. Then we went up into the Lammermuirs and snow-shoed up a hill called Spartelton through meter high snow drifts’
‘But did you learn anything?’
‘I learned how to snow-shoe, how to build an emergency snow shelter called a shovel-up and how to stay warm in sub-Arctic conditions’
‘So you didn’t do any school work?’
‘Well for one thing we did some Physics … I now understand that for a constant mass increasing the surface area reduces the pressure per unit area. That’s how snow shoes work. And …’
‘Ok,ok, that’s enough … can I see any pictures?’
‘Sure , just click here for a full-screen slide-show’

Fraser Kiernan

Some very sad news. Fraser Kiernan, biology teacher and DofE leader at PL, passed away after a very short and sudden illness on Friday.

As well as being a keen canoer and kayaker Fraser was a huge advocate, supporter and organiser of outdoor learning for PL pupils.

His wicked sense of houmour and fun will be especially missed by all of us here at the Outdoor Learning Service. Our thoughts are with his family.

Preston Lodge Cluster Transition Challenge

Over 180 pupils from Cockenzie, Longniddry, Prestonpans and St Gabriel’s Primay Schools competed this morning on an outdoor challenge at Meadow Mill Sports grounds. This was the first of three days where all of the P7s moving up to Preston Lodge High School next year get a chance to work together. And, it also give the PL staff a chance to meet their next year’s S1s.

The format of the day was similar to the Secondary Challenges that these pupils will have a chance to compete in when the go up to PL.

The pupils were split into teams and had to journey around a number of different stations using a map of Meadowmill. At each station the team was tasked with a timed challenge. This was a team activity that involved a mixture of physical, and mental exercizes. All the challenges were different; at one the team needed to build a shelter, at another to identify local landmarks and give their direction using a compass. At each challenge tokens were awarded, these tokens would be needed to ‘buy’ equipment on their final challenge.

Due to heavy rain in the first half of the morning, the final challenge, where the pupils had to build and fire a catapult, had to be brought forward to lunchtime. Even with the early finish the event went well.

Well done to the pupils who competed so enthusiastically, in some pretty adverse conditions at times. Thanks very much to all of the staff who helped, survived the wet, and especially to Ms Binks from PL for organising and running the day.