Duke of Hazard

Ross High Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition training. This year, pupils are training for an expedition by sea kayak, Their training continues apace with lots of evening sessions straight after school and last night a quick paddle off the East Lothian coastline and camp – all completed within the time frame from the end of school on Wednesday 1540 to start of school on Thursday – 0845. All pupils were thrilled that they could undergo this training without missing any time at school(!).
A great evening was had by all paddling in quite a large sea and a wonderful camp just up from the beach. The puupils had a chance to experience some risk management and hazard awareness in action – personal and group. Just how powerful are those small waves? – how dry will our launching and landing really be? – how do we keep track of each other’s positions when we keep disappearing behind large swell?
Technonlogy came into play in the form of Mr Laud’s phone (Google Sky Map) which we used to distinguish many a star and planet.

No photos from this trip as hands were quite full looking after group on water and we came off the water as the sun went down. It was very beautiful though – let your imagination conjure up some pictures of large waves with the evening sun dancing off each crest!

Teaching Staff on the Crest of a Wave

A recent sea kayaking course involved a little session of beach landing and launching. The following clip shows the moment that one of East Lothian’s most intrepid Head Teachers pushed themselves that little bit further. Let’s hope that the children at this Head’s school can match their teachers enthusiasm and dedication for learning new skills.

From sea kayak surf

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In Awe of Ross High and their Bull

This years cohort of Silver level DofE students from Ross High have just completed their expedition by sea kayak, The aim of the expedition was to paddle the length of Loch Awe over three days and on the way document and clean up old fire/ camp sites. The images below show some of the sites they came across and their efforts to Leave No Trace of others. (More images coming soon)

Students completed their expedition and at the very end of their trip discovered a bull stuck in the mud right up to it’s neck. After a call to the local landowner the students got to watch: tractor; 3 fire engines; control unit; quad bike; landrover; police car. With all these resources thrown at him the Bull has survived to sire again!

Congratulations to all students who now need to complete their expedition report in order for this section of their Award to be signed off as finished.
FTAO Ross students. For video content that you can download for use in a presentation please click here
The pictures above can be downloaded for use in your projects also.

Go Forth – The search for Uri

This past Friday afternoon and Saturday had a Staff development Sea Kayak training course taking place. All participants are working in schools to develop paddlesport within their own situation for the pupils. With the help of the outdoor education service and a large amount of time and effort on their behalf they have all achieved their Scottish Canoe Association UKCC Level 1 coach. They are now all working toward their 3 star Sea kayak award.

Just off the Lamb - no sign of Mr Geller
Just off the Lamb - no sign of Mr Geller

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Friday afternoon we spent just offshore at Longniddry Bents. A fair amount of chop led to some sporting conditions for a bit of rescue practice. Everyone commented on how necessary it is to practice all these things in as realistic conditions as possible.

Saturday the wind dropped to below 10 mph and proved perfect conditions for a trip taking in Bass Rock, Craigleith and The Lamb  ( Mr Uri Geller has recently purchased The Lamb and was planning to camp the night on it on Saturday – we looked carefully but so no sign of the landowner!)

All participants are planning to now further their skills and experience. This course is just one of many offered by the Outdoor Education Service.