Literacy through Orienteering

At a recent Teaching Orienteering 1 course we experimented with the use of Sport Ident timing controls for a literacy focused activity. the activity was well received by participants who then looked at how with a little tweak the same activity could be used for a whole host of curriculum areas whilst still managing to raise the heart rate through physical activity and look at how to navigate through use of a simplified map.

All Sport Ident equipment is available for any East Lothian school to borrow from your Outdoor Learning Service

Sport Ident literacy

The activity can be run in a very small space indeed. For this and more ideas on how to integrate orienteering into your curriculum please contact Martyn (

Next Teaching Orienteering Course 3rd (evening) and 5th (afternoon) February 2016. For further information and booking click here


More details on the activity from Sport Ident can be found here


Progressive JA(zz)SS

Windygoul Primary have been progressing their orienteering skills from the school site to off site Orienteering at Levenhall.

ESOA Spring flyer

They are developing their orienteering skills as part of their JASS Award (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) – adventure section.
Having previously undertaken some simple orienteering training at school the pupils were well equipped to transfer their learning into the wider environs of Levenhall Lagoons, Musselburgh.

After some re-cap of previous knowledge concerning setting of maps using a cone activity – the pupils undertook a range of orienteering courses increasing in difficulty. They began with star courses (visiting one control); then some short loops (3 controls); and longer loops – up to 2 km in length.
In all the vast majority of pupils undertook around 5 km of competitive running. The competitive element as always came to the fore whilst using Sport Ident timing throughout. All pupils went away with thier timing printout from the various courses they successfully completed.

As always with orienteering – the pupils were required to show a great deal of responsibility undertaking the courses without being shadowed by an adult. All pupils responded well to this freedom.

Many pupils were asking about further oportunities to develop their orienteering and to introduce others. The local orienteering club for them is East Lothian Orienteers

British Schools Orienteering Championships

Pupils from Preston Lodge travelled to Linlithgow on Sunday 20th November to compete in the British Schools Orienteering Championships with the help of the Outdoor Learning Service. All the athletes came away from the event with a creditable performance to their name and are looking forward to undertaking more events. It certainly gave the pupils an impetus to carry on with their own orienteering training with the hope that they can compete again with pupils from all over the UK next year.

We will be meeting up with the athletes soon to analyse their performance through Routegadget – a superb analysing tool.





For all the results and some photos from the event please click here and navigate on the BSOA website.


This is part of the ever expanding orienteering programme at Preston Lodge. An after school orienteering club will begin in the New Year with local orienteering events programmed into this club. It is an embedded part of the curriculum – with shared lessons between departments – Maths and PE.

This has all come about due to an initial CPD run by the Outdoor Learning Service – Teaching Orienteering 1 – please see our staff development pages for details on the next course – and a very enthusiastic member of PE staff at Preston Lodge.


Coming soon – details of the annual East Lothian Schools Orienteering Competition 2012

Primary Orienteering Competition

Primary Orienteering Competition 2011

  • Date 9th February 2011
  • Time 1000 to 1430 (registration opens 0930)
  • Venue John Muir Country Park
  • Courses P4/5  course (compete as pairs); P6/7  course (solo)
  • Prizes School trophy for P4/5 and for P6/7

How to enter

  1. Sign up your school for an approximate arrival time here
  2. Complete registration form (P4/5and P6/7) and return to Martyn at the Outdoor Learning Service address
  3. Contact your Outdoor Learning Teacher (Martyn; Liz; Andy) for some orienteering development within your school
  4. As a Teacher sign up to the Teaching Orienteering Part1 course taking place in February 2011.

The course itself may only take a short while – very dependent upon ability of students – however will require a little time to register (1min per pupil) and to get to and from the start/finish (3min)
For previous years times – winning and otherwise – please click here

Please note – as usual at this annual event there is no time for teaching of pupils in the skills of map reading – all competing pupils need to know how to set a map and recognise basic symbols as minimum. The courses are open to primary pupils all day 0930 – 1430.
You will be allocated a start time before the end of January – please make your preference known at the link above (number 1) (please be aware that you are merely stating a preference – please do not confirm transport booking times until you have received confirmation arrival times toward the end of January.)

It would be fantastic to have every East Lothian Primary represented at this event – even if you are only sending a crack squad of a handful (or a handful is your whole school – e.g. Humbie! – please make every effort to share transport and staff to get to this event).

If you have further questions regarding this event then please email Martyn.

Secondary Orienteering Competition

East Lothian Council’s Outdoor Learning Service Secondary Orienteering Competition will take place on Thursday 10th February 2011.

The venue will be John Muir Country Park – a beautiful wooded area with good obvious boundaries to the orienteering area. It is open to all S2 pupils across East Lothian and beyond. S2 pupils from other authorities are also welcome.
If you require further information regarding this event please contact
Martyn Pegg

Please encourage as many S2 pupils as possible to come to this event. If you are a pupil then please get in touch with your schools Outdoor Learning Coordinator to book your place.

It will be in the format of a score course – thirty five minute limit. Sport-ident will be used.

The course will be open over a whole day so that as many pupils as possible can access the competition.

Registration will open from 0930 and the first competitors will be able to go on the course from 1000. The course will close at 1445. Pupils will be able to start at any time from 1000 to 1400.

Schools who use a minibus will be able to make 3 or 4 trips during the day allowing a different minibus full of pupils a chance to enter this competition.

Please could all secondary outdoor learning coordinators confirm their school attendance here and complete a registration form to Martyn by the very latest 31st January 2011

If any school requires to book a minibus from your Outdoor Learning Service or any further information then please get in touch with
Martyn Pegg