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Outdoor Learning Teacher in Residence


Under the Stars

Skills for Adventure Sports

inc. *RAW adventure *Orienteering *National Schools Competitions *Winter Adventures *SQA Adventure Sport Programmes


Targeted Outdoor Programmes

inc. *ASN *Future Leaders *Biking North *Adventure On *Adventure East Lothian *Winter Residential Adventure Programme

Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions

After School & Holiday Adventure Activity Programmes

inc. *Active Schools Total Adventure Programme *Venturing Out Holiday Programmes

Staying Safe Around Water

Outdoor Learning Teacher in Residence (TiR)


This programme supports school staff (Primary & Secondary), and Outdoor Learning teaching staff. work in partnership to; plan, deliver and review using Supported Outdoor Learning Lessons as an approach to learning, teaching, and assessment.

…also includes pre-planned Secondary Fieldwork programmes


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AWEsome (AWE)

The AWEsome programme is designed to integrate outdoor learning, adventure sports and school based learning to support delivery of curriculum outcomes, specifically focused on Literacy/ STEM/ Health & Wellbeing.

The programmes are tailor made to each school, designed to deliver educational outcomes themed around a text the pupils will cover in class. Active travel (cycling/walking) is used as the prefered method of transport to enhance place based learning in the local area and to support Learning for Sustainability.

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Under the Stars (UTS)

An overnight camping experience either in the school grounds or a local green space.

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Beginning at the end of the school day the pupils will be taken through preparing equipment for an overnight experience; cooking an evening meal on an open fire; an evening activity and then bed. Morning will bring an outdoor breakfast and striking camp before a reflection and review of the experience. All finished ready for a new school day. The experience can start a little earlier and finish later if requested by the school. One of our team will visit school prior to the overnight stay to help the young people plan , prepare and become familiar with our camping equipment.

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Skills for Adventure Sports (SAS)


Both introductory and progressive sessions of adventure sports for young people for both Primary & Secondary pupils. These programmes are many and varied, all can culminate in certification/ qualifications, either National Governing Body Awards or on the SCQF framework. A range of skills can be delivered including orienteering, kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, sea kayaking, mountaineering.

  • RAW adventure
  • Orienteering
  • National Schools Competitions
  • Winter Adventures
  • SQA Adventure Sport Programmes

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Bikeability Scotland


Bikeability Scotland is based on the government approved National Standards for Cycle Training, which teaches trainees the necessary skills to ride confidently on today’s roads.

There are three award levels for Bikeability Scotland, to suit all abilities, from beginner to experienced cyclist, with instructor training available to teach all levels.

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Targeted Outdoor Programmes (TOP)

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These adventurous programmes look to work with specific groups for a set period of time. They allow young people to develop social skills, confidence, resilience as well as further their skills and knowledge in an adventurous activity. These programmes may be based upon biking, climbing, paddlesport, orienteering, sailing, skiing, mountaineering. Where appropriate the young people can work towards Youth Achievement Awards gaining formal recognition and accreditation for their achievements.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions (DofE)

Through our network of associate instructors we can provide expedition supervision to support your school or community DofE Award group or other expedition.
We have resourcing available to support with cycling, walking, paddling expeditions

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After School & Holiday Adventure Activity Programmes

After school adventure sports clubs are run by Outdoor Learning through the Active Schools Total Adventure programmes. Orienteering, Climbing & Watersports. Attendance at these can lead to invitation to compete at National Schools competitions or similar.

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Venturing Out

Holiday adventure sport activities are delivered by our partners Venturing Out CIC, the school holiday provision is open to all young people in East Lothian. There are a wide variety of activities to choose from during the October, Easter and Summer holiday periods. Early booking is recommended.

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Staying Safe Around Water (SSaW)

This workshop/ lesson designed to introduce young people to water safety whilst playing around natural waters. This programme is built to integrate children’s natural inquisitive behaviour around natural water with school based learning and support delivery of curriculum outcomes, specifically Health & Wellbeing.

We aim to deliver these sessions to equip pupil’s with the knowledge of how to assess risk and what to do in the event that they, or someone they are with, becomes in danger.

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