Update on Trim Trail

I just wanted give everyone an update on the Trim Trail!

Nearly everything is in place for installation to begin. We successfully raised the matching funding needed before Christmas and Legacy 2014 were happy with all our plans, tender process and paperwork. However, after discussion with East Lothian Council (planning and finance departments) it became clear that is would be better if East Lothian Council themselves purchased the Trim Trail, rather than the Parent Council. This is for two reasons – the first means that the council can claim back the VAT (which means we have £13.5K to spend instead of £11K) and the second is that if ELC buy it, they do not have to apply for planning permission (if the Parent Council buy it we would have to apply for full planning consent).

So Legacy 2014 and the Parent Council agreed that East Lothian Council would take over the funding and a new agreement had to be drawn up between ELC and Legacy 2014 (rather than the agreement already signed with our Parent Council). This new agreement should be signed this week – but there has been a bit of ‘to and froing’ and paperwork to be filled and signed by specific people, which has meant we have not been able to order and install the Trim Trail as quickly as we had hoped.

However – all should be in place by the end of February and once Legacy release the money to ELC we can place the official order! This does not change what we are ordering as ELC have agreed to go with the supplier and layout chosen with the help of all the pupils, parents and teachers before Christmas and what was on display in the parents room.

I will let everyone know when we have a date for installation – hopefully by Easter so it will be ready to play when the children return for the summer term.