Citizenship Office Bearers

New Office Bearers for session 2014-15

P7 Prefects: Sophie, Charlotte, Josh, Erin, Aimee, Lara, Amalea, Latisha, Ellie and Daisy

P7 Junior Road Safety Officers: Aimee, Latisha and Lara


Eco Committee: P1 Eve  P2 Max  P2 Abigail  P3 Aaron  P4 Logan  P5 Ailsa  P6 Jessica P7 Charlotte

IMG_4103  IMG_4104

Pupil Council Representatives: P1 Logan P2 Faith P3 Darcy P4 Rebekkah P5 Shane P6 Aaron P7 Erin

P6 Tutti Frutti Trolley: Lauren and Hayley