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Mini Mudder 2014

The second (hopefully now annual!) Mini Mudder was held yesterday. The younger children had a fun time in the morning on the obstacle course built in the school playground and in the afternoon the older kids were challenged with the 2 mile Mini Mudder Course down Bellyford Lane footpath. Thanks to Megan Houchin who did all the planning for the Mudder this year and came up with a few new challenges and obstacles. Thanks to all the other parents and grandparents who helped set up and tidy up the course and serve refreshments. Also a big thanks to all the teachers and school staff who were great sports in doing the course with the kids as well!

Here are some photos I took of the afternoon Mini Mudder.IMG_3742 (600x800) IMG_3744 (600x800)IMG_3746 (600x800)IMG_3751 (600x800)IMG_3755 (600x800)IMG_3763 (600x800)IMG_3769 (600x800)IMG_3770 (600x800)IMG_3772 (600x800)IMG_3776 (600x800)IMG_3802 (800x600)IMG_3779 (600x800)IMG_3786 (600x800)IMG_3791 (600x800)IMG_3792 (600x800)IMG_3820 (600x800)IMG_3829 (600x800)IMG_3812 (600x800)      IMG_3815 (800x600)  Mini Mudder

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