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Reading Circles- Sharing our favourite books

One of the ideas that the pupils contributed to our ‘Elphinstone Ross Rocks’ list , was ‘Book Circles’. On the first assembly of the new term, pupils brought a favourite book to share with their Elphinstone home-team. IMG_5016 IMG_5013 IMG_5010 IMG_5008 IMG_5018 IMG_5012

The children sat in circles and took turns in talking about their chosen book and sharing with the group why it was a favourite. Some pupils brought along a book that they were enjoying reading this month and others chose to share an old favourite that they loved to read over and over again. 

IMG_5007 IMG_5009  IMG_5027

The hall was alive with chatter! The children were very keen to show off their books to others in their circle, and enjoying sharing, talking and listening. 

 IMG_5024 IMG_5023 IMG_5021 IMG_5019 IMG_5029 IMG_5025 IMG_5022 IMG_5020