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How to look after your dog

Rachael from ‘Dog Trust’ visited Elphinstone to talk about dogs as pets, and how we should look after them. The Nursery children joined the P1-7 pupils for this assembly and participated well the discussion on dogs.

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We learned that chocolate, raisons and onions are very bad for dogs, so please don’t feed them these foods. Rachael told us that it is important to treat a dog for fleas and that we must regularly groom its fur to keep it healthy and stop it from matting.

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Rachael showed us how she can check a dog for its microchip. The scanner made a bleeping noise when she detected it.

An important thing Rachael taught us was not to approach or stroke a strange dog without asking its owner, in case the dog does not like it. 

Some people are afraid of dogs. Rachael gave them advice on what to do if a dog jumps up on you,  and you don’t like it; stand very still and cross your arms (x factor style) across your chest. The dog will quickly realise you are not interested and leave you alone.

The children had many good questions to ask Rachael about dogs and her job. Fortunately, Rachael will return next week to  give Dog Trust workshops to the individual classes and answer more of the children’s questions. We are looking forward to it.

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