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How clean are your hands?

In September two of our assemblies focused on germs and the importance of washing our hands when we go to the toilet and before we eat our food. Because we can’t see germs, children think they aren’t there. 


At the start of September, we carried out a whole school science experiment using bread. Mrs Braby demonstrated this and organised the display. We took three slices of bread and placed them into labelled plastic bags and displayed these in the hall for everyone to see and keep looking at for changes over the next few weeks.

IMG_7304 Bag 1– Controlled Hands: Mrs Braby first put on protective medical gloves and then took the bread and placed it into the plastic bag.

IMG_7305 Bag 2Clean Hands: Mrs Braby first washed her hands very thoroughly with soap and then placed a slice of bread into the plastic bag.

IMG_7307  Bag 3Dirty Hands: A slice of bread was passed around every child in the school and then placed into the plastic bag. IMG_7302 IMG_7306 IMG_7303

IMG_7308 Many thanks to Leon and Huw’s mum for sending us details of this experiment. 

Look what happened! 

IMG_7390 IMG_7389 IMG_7388

After 3 weeks we could easily see a difference between the 3 slices of bread. Bag 3 – Dirty hands’ is almost black with bacteria!

The message to wash our hands before having our lunch was made very clear by this simple experiment.


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