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Scottish Food Day

Schools were invited to get involved in Scottish Food Day on Wednesday September 23rd. Elphinstone Primary celebrated the occasion at our assembly. In our whole-school hometeams, pupils examined and discussed the packaging of some Scottish produce such as Maris Piper potatoes, haggis, oatcakes cheddar cheese and shortbread. The Scottish Saltire or tartan was clearly shown on most.                                                                                 IMG_7402 IMG_7400 IMG_7399 IMG_7398  Next the children took part in the Scottish taste challenge. Each child was given a small helping of haggis and mash, a wee piece of oatcake and cheddar and a delicious Scottish strawberry. Lewis and Alicia helped to get the Scottish ‘tasting plates’ ready.

IMG_7391 IMG_7392 IMG_7403

Plates were emptied fast and many children came up for seconds!

Continuing with the taste challenge, the whole school then participated in ‘Crunch at Noon!’ There was a countdown from ten, and then we all bit into our Scottish apples at the same time. CRUNCH!

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