STAFFING 2021/22

Head Teacher: Mrs Alison Cameron
Principal Teachers: Mrs Mel Collier and Mrs Jill Paterson
Senior Early Years Practitioner: Ms Gillian Burke
P1/2/3 Teacher: Miss Dickson (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri) & Miss Newton (Thurs)
P4/5/6 Teacher: Miss McGovern
P6/7 Teachers: Ms Jack

Business Support Administrator: Ms Nikki Barbour
Nursery Nurses: Mrs Leanne Campbell and Mrs Carol Wightman
Classroom Assistant: Mrs Gina Fleming
ASN Auxiliary: Mrs Angela Berry, Mrs Anne Eadie, Mrs Annette Braby and Mrs Debbie Middlemass
Janitor: Mr James Fleming
Senior Facilities Assistant: Mrs Susan Thomson
Playground Supervisor: Ms Sam Davidson