Read Write Count Launch

Many thanks to the parents/carers who came along to the launch of Read Write Count today, and a big thanks to our wonderful presenters – Ben, Benjamin, Huw and Matthew.  The boys explained the purpose of Read Write Count and the parents had the chance to take part in the activities and look at the fantastic resources.  The children in P4-7 will now be able to borrow resources for learning at home.

P 3/4 Happy New Year

What a fantastic start to the New Year we have had in P3/4.  The children are full of enthusiasm and great ideas!

We are currently working on a novel study, ‘The Fish in Room 11’ which we have discovered is actually about a mermaid.

Today we created large drawings of Toby, one of the characters, by very carefully drawing around some of the children in the class.  The children had to listen carefully to the description of Toby to produce an accurate drawing.

We also painted a background for our windy day pictures which are also inspired by the first chapter of the book.  I will post the finished pictures next week.

Elphy’s World of Work Conference

P3/4/5 are organising a conference in school to discover more about the world of work and positive destinations after high school.  They have persuaded staff from Ross High, Edinburgh University and QMU to attend as speakers!  The conference is for the children only but we do need some help from parents who might like to share some of their (positive!) experiences of training and work.  If you would be happy to speak to the children at the conference about on the job training, apprenticeships or college or university and how this has helped you in your job we would love to hear from you.  The conference is in the morning of Friday 2nd June.

Camp Photos

Here are photos of some of the fantastic adventures from this week – enjoy!


Camp Update 22.3.17 9.30am

Most of the campers had a better sleep last night – we tired them out! An impressive third shower for some then breakfast and a Happy Birthday to Huw.  Packing presented a challenge – how on earth did Mum fit it all in and just how do you get a sleeping bag in its bag?

Final activities before lunch and home-scavenger hunt in the sleet and fencing. School will text out estimated time of arrival. See you all soon- get the washing machine prepared for action!

Camp 21.3.17 6.30pm

A fantastic afternoon on the water despite the cold! All survived with only two wet campers! Tuck money spent and mostly eaten followed by well earned dinner.  Now all wrapping up again for climbing in the dark.  Can’t believe day two almost done.

Camp update 21.3.17 1pm

After a surprisingly quiet night, the campers were up and about early. More showering plus room tidying-teachers remain impressed!

Activities so far have been low ropes and blind trail. Weather is dry but very cold. On the pond this afternoon for canoes and kayaks.

Sorry no photos although we’ve taken lots. The wifi here is very restrictive. They will all be uploaded once we’re back.




After an uneventful journey P6/7 arrived safely at Lockerbie. They have already had the chance to abseil and go on a zip wire! All now in bed – well nearly- Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Berry very surprised by the arguments over who went in the shower first. Hopefully lights out by 10…!

P3/4/5 Posts

I have now managed to get the link to the P3/4/5 page up and running so all future posts will be posted there.

Mrs Hamilton