Eco Committee 2015-16

Welcome everyone to our first meeting of 2015-16.


Thanks to Mason and Logan for helping to clear up the grounds at the front of the school.

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New P5/6/7 Class Make Fantastic Dens

The new P5/6/7 class got together in teams this morning to build a variety of dens as part of the National Save the Children’s Den Day!
Thanks to friends and family for your generous sponsorship and for providing children with suncream and some materials.
Well done to all groups for your brilliant team work and fantastic designs. The children learnt a lot and had a fabulous time. The other new classes came to try out the dens after break and P3/4 voted Lauren, Alicia and Logan’s to be their particular favourite as it had a door.
Please send in any sponsor money by the end of next week.
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After School Clubs Science

Science Club

Last week Science Club members had to find out which white powder had been “accidentally” mixed with the powdered milk. First members had a good look at all the white powders and recorded what they looked/felt like. The next step was to add water to each powder and note the reaction. Next, vinegar was added to the powder and any reaction was noted.
Members then tested the contaminated mixture with both vinegar and water to look for similarities. As health salts fizzed up with both water and vinegar, while chalk only fizzed up with the vinegar, it was concluded that it was the health salts that had been mixed with the milk powder. Well done Science Club!! You are great detectives.

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Biodiversity – A Word From The Expert

Stuart MacPherson, East Lothian’s Biodiversity Officer, visited Elphinstone Primary School this afternoon to help the children understand what is meant by “Biodiversity.”
Stuart arranged volunteers into a food pyramid. He started with flowers which were eaten by slugs which became food for birds. The birds were then eaten by our newly introduced Lynx (Josh and Kelsey)!
Thanks for a very informative talk.

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Wildflower Garden

The whole school took part in sowing the seeds for our Wildflower Garden. We hope to increase Biodiversity in our school grounds by attracting more bees and butterflies.
Thanks to Megan, Daisy and Eve for the fantastic sign!

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Forensic Science

Some pupils from primaries 5, 6 and 7 become Forensic Scientists on a Thursday afternoon when we meet for Science club.
Week one – The scientists had to find out which pen was used to write the incriminating message using chromatography.
Week two – Who spilt the hot chocolate powder in the staff room? The scientists investigated the fingerprints of everyone still in the school building. It was…

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Explore Outer Space

For homework P3/4/5 were asked to design and build a space vehicle.
What a fantastic display of your creativity. Well done everybody!
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Blast Off!!!

We designed an experiment to test which liquid would provide the best “Rocket Fuel” when mixed with a piece of effervescent tablet. We tested water, vinegar and lemon juice and discovered that the reaction with lemon juice caused the rocket to go highest. It was very exciting waiting for the rockets to launch. We made sure to wear safety goggles and to stand clear of the launch pad!
Ten, nine, eight….
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