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Lunchtime Taster Sessions

Pupils who normally take a packed lunch have been encouraged to take part in lunchtime taster sessions. 

IMG_5269 IMG_5268IMG_5193

Pupils sample a very small helping of the school dinner choices and then they record what they like/ dislike on the sampling sheet. These taster sessions have been successful with pupils often giving the thumbs up. Popular choices so far have been Sweet and Sour Chicken, Beef Casserole, Chicken Curry, Pasta Tomato Sauce, Chicken Breast and Quorn Sausage.

 IMG_5267 IMG_5194 IMG_5192

On cold days, it’s nice to have a hot dinner! 

Buddying Social Studies

Buddy Walkabout

On Friday P1/2 went on a walkabout outside the school to look at and discuss whether the places and things we saw were near to the school or far away from the school. They were accompanied by the P6/7 to make sure we were safe and to help us with to record what we saw onto our worksheets. 



P3/4/5 Bake Sale

IMG_5185 IMG_5186

Well done P3/4/5 for organising today’s bake sale and raising the fantastic total £76.77! It was a big success with a splendid range of biscuits, cakes and other delicious treats!  Yum! 

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Reading Circles- Sharing our favourite books

One of the ideas that the pupils contributed to our ‘Elphinstone Ross Rocks’ list , was ‘Book Circles’. On the first assembly of the new term, pupils brought a favourite book to share with their Elphinstone home-team. IMG_5016 IMG_5013 IMG_5010 IMG_5008 IMG_5018 IMG_5012

The children sat in circles and took turns in talking about their chosen book and sharing with the group why it was a favourite. Some pupils brought along a book that they were enjoying reading this month and others chose to share an old favourite that they loved to read over and over again. 

IMG_5007 IMG_5009  IMG_5027

The hall was alive with chatter! The children were very keen to show off their books to others in their circle, and enjoying sharing, talking and listening. 

 IMG_5024 IMG_5023 IMG_5021 IMG_5019 IMG_5029 IMG_5025 IMG_5022 IMG_5020

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Storyline: Santa visits Elphinstone!

Santa visited Elphinstone and left every class and  staff very large envelopes with strange jigsaw pieces inside! It was all very puzzling and so we gathered together in the hall to find out what it was all about. Very quickly children spotted that everybody’s pieces fitted together to make an extra large jigsaw puzzle.  It turned out to be a poem from Santa addressed to the whole school and Nursery.  This was the start of a series of challenges!

The storyline theme was based on our school nativity.  This week parents were invited in to the school to see how our storyline  theme had progressed in each class.

009026022 011 012 017 018 019  023


P3-7 Christmas Party


It was lovely to see all the children in their Christmas party outfits. It was a good party with lots of dancing and games! Our favourite one was ‘The Egyptian Mummy’!

 IMG_4988 IMG_4987 IMG_4985 IMG_4984 IMG_4983 IMG_4982 IMG_4981 IMG_4979

The winning mummy! IMG_4986

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The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

Play tickets IMG_4998

On 10th and 11th December P1-7  performed in our annual Christmas show: ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’. Every child in the school had a part and they all worked very hard on to put on a fabulous performance. Judging by the parents’ comments afterwards, they really enjoyed this year’s nativity. We are glad you enjoyed the show!

Thank you to Mrs Moore for all her hard work and skills in directing, producing, choreography and sewing! Thank you also to P1/2 for their wonderful nativity drawings which we used in the programme. 

The proceeds from the nativity photographs will go towards the P6/7 school camp in June.

IMG_5001IMG_5002 IMG_5006 IMG_5005 IMG_5004 IMG_5002


Christmas Lunch

December 11th was Christmas Lunch! Turkey and all the trimmings was served to all the children by the staff ‘Santa Waiters’. The tables were brightly decorated and the children had designed their own placemats and labels. It was a very festive occasion! 

IMG_4945 IMG_4954 IMG_4953 IMG_4952 IMG_4951 IMG_4949 IMG_4948 IMG_4944

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Saltire Festival – St Andrew’s Day Lunch


Elphinstone Primary took part in a special St Andrew’s Day Lunch.  We entered a Saltire Festival competition for the best themed dining room which was judged on Wednesday 26th. There was also a quiz for all the children (in their whole-school home teams) which was based on St Andrew’s Day and the birthplace of the flag. 

006 007

The children had fun designing their St Andrew’s Day hats and wearing tartan outfits. It was a colourful and lively display!027026 033

Buddying Health & Wellbeing Literacy and English

Scottish Book Week 24th- 30th Nov

On our last shared book reading session, P1/2 chose their last book (from the Scottish Children’s Book awards shortlist) to be read by their P6/7 buddies. 


The children voted for their favourite book from the three beautifully illustrated picture books and the collated Elphinstone pupil results will be sent online to the Scottish Book Trust Awards. We will have to wait until March before we will find out the winner!

040 041

043 ‘Lost for Words’ – 5 votes

045  Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten – 7 votes


Robot Rumpus – 5 votes

The P3 children also had the opportunity to vote for their favourites.


The P1 pupils were given their Bookbug P1 Family Pack:                 It contains the three books from the Scottish Children’s Book Awards shortlist, an activity book and a pack of coloured pencils and a ‘Ziggy and Maggie Start School’ road safety book.