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Named Person -update from ELC

Children and Young People (Scotland) Act – East Lothian Council update for families      Click here for information leaflet: Named Person

 From 31 August 2016, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act will commence. This Act states that every young person in Scotland is entitled to the support of a Named Person from birth until the until the age of 18.

 All pupils will shortly be given a leaflet produced by Scottish Government, explaining the role of a Named Person. You can also find this leaflet on the East Lothian Council website, school websites and the Scottish Government GIRFEC website, along with lots of other information about the Named Person role.

 For children in Primary Schools, their Named Person will be the Head Teacher, a Depute Head Teacher, or a Principal Teacher. In a Secondary School, it will be a Guidance Teacher or a Principal Teacher of Pupil Support.

 During school holidays, the Named Person role will be undertaken by qualified staff at East Lothian Council. Details of who these people will be and how to contact them will be made available in August, on school and council websites.

 Your individual school will inform you as to the name of your child’s Named Person in August, so that you have the most up to date information.

 On 30 May, the Scottish Government will be launching a media campaign to raise awareness of the Named Person role and how this fits with the Children and Young People’s Act. East Lothian Council will publicise national materials through social media, on our websites and through pupil post.

 For more detailed information, you can look online at the Scottish Government GIRFEC website. This contains a number of very useful and user-friendly documents.

Buddying Citizenship Health & Wellbeing

Fun with Buddy Bear

A superhero-themed anti-bullying campaign to promote kindness and friendship to children was launched in East Lothian with a dress-up day at Elphinstone Primary School to raise funds for the Buddy Bear Backpack initiative. P1-7 children dressed as superheroes and brought their favourite teddies too. IMG_9750

IMG_9752 IMG_9751 IMG_9732

The children had a wonderful fun-filled morning and participated with their home-teams buddies in several activities. Buddy Bear was a popular visitor- everyone wanted to shake his paw! 
IMG_9726 IMG_9730 IMG_9731
The initiative aims to reinforce and raise awareness and understanding of bullying both from the perspective of the bully and the individuals being bullied. 
Backpacks will be left with the school. Each contains activities, a ‘Buddy Bear’ soft toy and a colouring-in story book, about a bear who is transformed into a superhero to resolve the problems being faced by his owner at school.
The Buddy Bear superhero motto, ‘KAPAW!’ (Kindness, Action, Play, Ask, Well done), provides a step-by-step method of preventing and solving bullying. 
A website for the Buddy Bear scheme has also been launched: 
” It is every teacher’s goal to have a school environment free from bullying and this initiative could make a real impact on our efforts to make this a reality. We at Elphinstone are delighted to have hosted and contributed to an event for such a worthy and innovative project. ” Heather Williams



Au Revoir Mathieu!

On Wednesday we said a fond and final “Au Revoir!” to Mathieu and “Merci!” for visiting our school every week to teach us French with Mrs Scott. We gave him cards and celebrated his last day with French songs, games and cakes!  IMG_9707

We wish Mathieu a safe trip back to France and hope that he will return to Scotland  and pop in to see us again some day. 

IMG_9706 IMG_9705 IMG_9704


Buddying Outdoor Learning School Trip Science

Trip to North Berwick


Elphinstone Primary pupils had a fabulous day out to North Berwick and had fun with Seabird Centre staff exploring the rockpools and taking part in a sandcastle building competition.

Events Technologies

Little and Large Cooking Final

Having won the cluster ‘Little and Large’ cooking competition Euan and Lauren were through to the final. They did fantastically well and were awarded second place!  Well done! All of us at Elphinstone Primary are very proud of you! 


Lauren and Euan returning to school with their winning dishes and prizes.

After School Clubs

Chess Club

Chess club is up and running for P3-7 pupils. In the past couple of weeks the children have learned the names of all the chess pieces how they can be moved on the board. Once this was established the children were quickly able to start playing games.  The best way to learn is to start playing!  Matthew and Alistair already knew how to play chess and so have helped to demonstrate their knowledge to others.

IMG_9711 IMG_9714 IMG_9713 IMG_9712 IMG_9711

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Summer Activities Online Booking

ELC’s  Summer Arts Activities leaflet for young people, will be delivered to you by ELC print unit either this week or early next week for all P1 – 7 pupils.

This year ELC are offering: multi art camps, musical theatre, clowning, circus skills, stagecraft, stage combat, computer animation, outdoor theatre and more, in venues across the county. The activities are bookable via ELC’s main booking link: .

This is the link to the pdf on The Brunton’s website

Events Technologies

Cooking Winners!

Well done to Lauren and Euan who won the Cluster heats for the Little & Large Cookery Competition on Thursday!


I think everyone enjoyed the afternoon and it was great to see the pupils so interested in cooking. Lauren and Euan Elphinstone are now through to the final in Preston Lodge on Thursday the 26th of May! We wish them the best of luck.

Team Elphinstone


Assemblies Citizenship Health & Wellbeing

Assembly on Bullying

A few weeks ago we held an assembly on bullying. Mrs Williams set every class a different task which involved talking about bullying and how we feel.  This week it was time for everyone to feedback on their discussions in class.


P1/2 had drawn and talked about their ‘bag of worries’.

P3/4 discussed what people feel when they are bullied. They drew posters to show how bullying feels.


P6/7 discussed different scenarios when someone is bullied and the strategies they could use to solve each situation.

IMG_9556 IMG_9562 IMG_9561 IMG_9560 IMG_9559 IMG_9558 IMG_9557


P1/2 Bake Sale

P1/2 raised a magnificent £66.05 in their very successful Bake Sale on Wednesday! Well done! Thank you to everyone who supported this event.