After School Clubs

Chess Club

Chess club is up and running for P3-7 pupils. In the past couple of weeks the children have learned the names of all the chess pieces how they can be moved on the board. Once this was established the children were quickly able to start playing games.  The best way to learn is to start playing!  Matthew and Alistair already knew how to play chess and so have helped to demonstrate their knowledge to others.

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After School Clubs

Knitting Club

Jessica, Lauren, Emma, Ben, Rebekkah and Jonathan have been knitting scarves at the after school Knitting Club. Mrs Williams and her mother, Mrs Davidson, have been teaching the children knitting skills and over the weeks these colourful scarves are growing fast in length! I think that with this recent blast of cold and wet weather, these scarves be well used! 



After School Clubs Health & Wellbeing parents/ carers

Active Schools Timetable- book online

 Active Schools Timetable will be available for parents/ carers to book online.  Click here for link. The site goes live at 6pm on Tuesday 20th October.

After School Clubs Science

Science Club

Last week Science Club members had to find out which white powder had been “accidentally” mixed with the powdered milk. First members had a good look at all the white powders and recorded what they looked/felt like. The next step was to add water to each powder and note the reaction. Next, vinegar was added to the powder and any reaction was noted.
Members then tested the contaminated mixture with both vinegar and water to look for similarities. As health salts fizzed up with both water and vinegar, while chalk only fizzed up with the vinegar, it was concluded that it was the health salts that had been mixed with the milk powder. Well done Science Club!! You are great detectives.

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After School Clubs Health & Wellbeing

Archery Club

13 pupils from P5 P6 & P7 enjoyed their first lesson in our Wednesday Archery Club. Jimmy taught the children the basics in using a bow and arrow and took them through the important safety rules involved with this sport. Within a short space of time the children were making good progress. Under Jimmy’s excellent tuition, many of the pupils were managing to shoot their arrows a further distance, and a few even managed to hit the target!