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Assembly on Bullying

A few weeks ago we held an assembly on bullying. Mrs Williams set every class a different task which involved talking about bullying and how we feel.  This week it was time for everyone to feedback on their discussions in class.


P1/2 had drawn and talked about their ‘bag of worries’.

P3/4 discussed what people feel when they are bullied. They drew posters to show how bullying feels.


P6/7 discussed different scenarios when someone is bullied and the strategies they could use to solve each situation.

IMG_9556 IMG_9562 IMG_9561 IMG_9560 IMG_9559 IMG_9558 IMG_9557

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Fire Safety Visit

Fire Safety Officers visited Elphinstone Primary yesterday and talked to Nursery, P1-7 in our assembly about Fire Safety. Using the website, the pupils were taken through an interactive ‘house’ to spot fire hazards in every room.

IMG_9465   IMG_9466 IMG_9467  The children learned about the various dangers and the ways in which fires can start. We discussed the importance of smoke detectors and that they save many lives each year.  The Firemen talked us through different fire scenarios in the house and the children had to work out the best escape route for each incident. It was a very informative assembly and the pupils were clearly interested and asked the firemen lots of their questions.

IMG_9468 Every child was given an information card from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service offering  Free Home Fire Safety visits and Free Smoke alarms.

To book a free home safety visit for you, or someone you know….

CALL 0800 0731999    

TEXT ‘FIRE’ to 80800


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Office Bearers feedback

On Tuesday, the school office bearers held their committee meetings to discuss plans for the rest of the term.  At our assembly the Eco Group, Pupil Council, Junior Road Safety Officers and the pupils responsible for the Fruit Trolley and Playground Equipment all gave their feedback to the rest of the school. 




Assemblies Citizenship Health & Wellbeing

Friendship Assembly

As part of our emotional literacy programme in school we looked at friendships. Mrs. Williams led an Assembly on friendships and each class got a task to do over 2 weeks regarding this topic.

In the Nursery we looked at what it meant to be a friend and we made friendship leaves. 


In P1/2 we talked about friends and made friend badges.

In p3/4 we built a friendship wall with bricks naming the attributes of a good friend.


In 5/6/7 we looked at conflict in friendships. We identified triggers  and strategies on how to deal with conflict.


All pupils were given Family friendship homework to do and it was pleasing to see how many were returned. Thank you.

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Friendship Bench

The ‘Stars of the Week’ were the first pupils to sit on our new  ‘Friendship Bench’. This will be painted in bright colours by every child in the school and placed in the playground.

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Harvest Assembly

Thank you to everyone who generously contributed items of food for our Harvest assembly. We had a wonderful display and your donations were delivered and gratefully accepted within the Elphinstone community.

IMG_7835 IMG_7836 IMG_7837

The whole school drew a picture to decorate the hall for our Harvest Assembly.  

IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7834 IMG_7833  The Nursery, P1/2, P3/4 and P5,6,7 all performed in the assembly with songs, plays and poetry on the theme of Harvest. I think parents will agree that they all did very well!

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Scottish Food Day

Schools were invited to get involved in Scottish Food Day on Wednesday September 23rd. Elphinstone Primary celebrated the occasion at our assembly. In our whole-school hometeams, pupils examined and discussed the packaging of some Scottish produce such as Maris Piper potatoes, haggis, oatcakes cheddar cheese and shortbread. The Scottish Saltire or tartan was clearly shown on most.                                                                                 IMG_7402 IMG_7400 IMG_7399 IMG_7398  Next the children took part in the Scottish taste challenge. Each child was given a small helping of haggis and mash, a wee piece of oatcake and cheddar and a delicious Scottish strawberry. Lewis and Alicia helped to get the Scottish ‘tasting plates’ ready.

IMG_7391 IMG_7392 IMG_7403

Plates were emptied fast and many children came up for seconds!

Continuing with the taste challenge, the whole school then participated in ‘Crunch at Noon!’ There was a countdown from ten, and then we all bit into our Scottish apples at the same time. CRUNCH!

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Crunch at Noon!

Continuing Scottish Food Day and with the taste challenge, the whole school then participated in ‘Crunch at Noon!’ There was a countdown from ten, and then we all bit into our Scottish apples at the same time 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…………. CRUNCH! 

Assemblies Health & Wellbeing Science

How clean are your hands?

In September two of our assemblies focused on germs and the importance of washing our hands when we go to the toilet and before we eat our food. Because we can’t see germs, children think they aren’t there. 


At the start of September, we carried out a whole school science experiment using bread. Mrs Braby demonstrated this and organised the display. We took three slices of bread and placed them into labelled plastic bags and displayed these in the hall for everyone to see and keep looking at for changes over the next few weeks.

IMG_7304 Bag 1– Controlled Hands: Mrs Braby first put on protective medical gloves and then took the bread and placed it into the plastic bag.

IMG_7305 Bag 2Clean Hands: Mrs Braby first washed her hands very thoroughly with soap and then placed a slice of bread into the plastic bag.

IMG_7307  Bag 3Dirty Hands: A slice of bread was passed around every child in the school and then placed into the plastic bag. IMG_7302 IMG_7306 IMG_7303

IMG_7308 Many thanks to Leon and Huw’s mum for sending us details of this experiment. 

Look what happened! 

IMG_7390 IMG_7389 IMG_7388

After 3 weeks we could easily see a difference between the 3 slices of bread. Bag 3 – Dirty hands’ is almost black with bacteria!

The message to wash our hands before having our lunch was made very clear by this simple experiment.


Assemblies Citizenship

Erica and Debbie visit

Erica Wishart , the new minister from Tranent Parish Church, popped in to see us at our assembly with Debbie, who runs our Wednesday lunchtime club. They told us a story and a new song with signing.

IMG_6376 IMG_6377