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Pirate Fun!

Our P7 pupils planned lots of fun activities on a pirate theme for the last week of term. This morning while it poured with rain, everybody gathered in the hall for the pirate Beetle Drive. This is always a popular and loud and lots of fun!

IMG_9974 IMG_9975 IMG_9977

Finally the sun appeared and at last we were able to get outside for the Pirate Treasure Hunt! This was another buddy event where children had to work with their partner to hunt for clues and follow the instructions on the pirate trail. Mrs Jack had hidden these clues all over the playground so we had to carefully look to find them! 

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Pirate Ship Challenge!

The challenge: To use plastic bottles and an assortment of other materials to build a pirate ship that would float in water. 

Working with our ‘buddies’ we discussed the best ways to complete this task. The competition was fierce! 

IMG_9864 IMG_9865 IMG_9866 IMG_9868 IMG_9869 IMG_9870 IMG_9871 IMG_9872 IMG_9873 IMG_9874 IMG_9875 IMG_9876

There was some excellent teamwork between older and younger pupils. The finished results were not only very different but cleverly creative!

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Float or Sink? The competition Begins!

IMG_9900 IMG_9899

Outside in the playground the test begins.  Will our ships float and win …..or capsize and sink! 

IMG_9912 IMG_9911 IMG_9910

IMG_9909 IMG_9908 IMG_9907

We competed against each other and the youngest buddy had the task of blowing the ship across the tub of water.  Amid much cheering and laughter, Mrs Berry and Mrs Small had the difficult task of judging the pirate ships.

IMG_9906 IMG_9905 IMG_9904 IMG_9903 IMG_9902 IMG_9913

The winner was declared at the end of the contest. Well done to Olivia and Kelsey!

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Fun with Buddy Bear

A superhero-themed anti-bullying campaign to promote kindness and friendship to children was launched in East Lothian with a dress-up day at Elphinstone Primary School to raise funds for the Buddy Bear Backpack initiative. P1-7 children dressed as superheroes and brought their favourite teddies too. IMG_9750

IMG_9752 IMG_9751 IMG_9732

The children had a wonderful fun-filled morning and participated with their home-teams buddies in several activities. Buddy Bear was a popular visitor- everyone wanted to shake his paw! 
IMG_9726 IMG_9730 IMG_9731
The initiative aims to reinforce and raise awareness and understanding of bullying both from the perspective of the bully and the individuals being bullied. 
Backpacks will be left with the school. Each contains activities, a ‘Buddy Bear’ soft toy and a colouring-in story book, about a bear who is transformed into a superhero to resolve the problems being faced by his owner at school.
The Buddy Bear superhero motto, ‘KAPAW!’ (Kindness, Action, Play, Ask, Well done), provides a step-by-step method of preventing and solving bullying. 
A website for the Buddy Bear scheme has also been launched: 
” It is every teacher’s goal to have a school environment free from bullying and this initiative could make a real impact on our efforts to make this a reality. We at Elphinstone are delighted to have hosted and contributed to an event for such a worthy and innovative project. ” Heather Williams


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Trip to North Berwick


Elphinstone Primary pupils had a fabulous day out to North Berwick and had fun with Seabird Centre staff exploring the rockpools and taking part in a sandcastle building competition.

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Friendship Bench

Our newly decorated ‘Friendship Bench’ was launched last week! The bench offers a place in the playground where pupils can sit if they are lonely, upset or just want someone to play with. It acts as a signal to other children to step in and help.

Pupils gather around the new buddy bench.
Pupils gather around the new buddy bench.

The bench was built by Macmerry Men’s Shed and two of their volunteers, Jimmy Cunningham and David Dickson visited the school with parent, Stuart McKenzie.

P3-7 pupils enjoyed painting it in the colours of the rainbow and decorating it with detailed flowers and insects. The painting project was overseen by our art teacher, Mrs McLoed.

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Sports Relief

The children had a very active morning for sports relief. P1-7 were joined by the nursery in the hall for a warm up followed school home-team activities. The groups rotated around each sporting activity and then back in the hall to finish off with a cool-down session. Thank you for all the donations. We raised £126!


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Xmas Snowman Drive

IMG_8520 IMG_8523 IMG_8521

Lots of noisy fun with our Xmas Snowman Drive. Pupils were paired with a partner to play against other buddied pairs at their table. We played 9 games altogether! The game finished whenever a pair completed their snowmen. At the end of each round, the winners at each table moved to he next table to play against a new team.

  IMG_8525 IMG_8522 IMG_8515

IMG_8518 IMG_8517 IMG_8514

Well done to the winners!  IMG_8527

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Friendship Bench

The ‘Stars of the Week’ were the first pupils to sit on our new  ‘Friendship Bench’. This will be painted in bright colours by every child in the school and placed in the playground.

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New P5/6/7 Class Make Fantastic Dens

The new P5/6/7 class got together in teams this morning to build a variety of dens as part of the National Save the Children’s Den Day!
Thanks to friends and family for your generous sponsorship and for providing children with suncream and some materials.
Well done to all groups for your brilliant team work and fantastic designs. The children learnt a lot and had a fabulous time. The other new classes came to try out the dens after break and P3/4 voted Lauren, Alicia and Logan’s to be their particular favourite as it had a door.
Please send in any sponsor money by the end of next week.
Dens on PhotoPeach