Elphinstone Yellow Day

Thank you to everyone who supported our whole school ‘Yellow Day’. We raised an amazing £243.89 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The children had a fantastic day with plenty of fun activities. In our school home teams, we started the day with  the Sunflower Beetle Drive. Next we each made a large daffodil for our colourful and Spring-themed daffodil frieze, and then in celebration of our special day, we designed our own yellow wrist bands

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The remainder of the activities were outside; the Easter Egg Hunt in our school grounds and active team games to round off the morning and work up an appetite for our family picnic lunch

IMG_6235 IMG_6234 IMG_6232 IMG_6230 IMG_6229 IMG_6228 IMG_6227

Family Picnic Lunch

P. Lunch Parent lunch


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Mini Pots of Care- fundraising for Marie Curie

Elphinstone took part in a Mini Pots of Care fundraising activity for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Back in November, the P6/7 pupils buddied with the rest of the school to hold a planting and learning morning. Each pupil planted a couple of daffodil bulbs into a wee pot of soil and placed it in a sheltered place in our school grounds. IMG_5721 IMG_5722 IMG_5723

Now in March, our bulbs have grown and showing buds and daffodil flowers….just in time for our fundraising Yellow day on Wednesday 1st April.  


The nursery and P1-7 children have taken home their decorated pots together with a personal envelope for donations for Marie Curie. Over the years, ‘Mini Pots of Care‘ activity has raised over £3.8million- that’s a lot of daffodil pots and enough money to  provide nursing care for terminally ill in their own homes. Thank you for your donations and for your support in our forthcoming Yellow Day.

IMG_6171 IMG_6170 IMG_6169 IMG_6168 IMG_6167 IMG_6166 IMG_6165 IMG_6164 IMG_6163 





Making our own wormeries

Tim and Liz from ‘Ormiston Grows’ visited the school to show us how to make our own wormeries. 

First you need a plastic bottle. Fill it with a layer of stones.

IMG_5952   IMG_5953 IMG_5954

Shredded paper makes a good layer of warm bedding.

IMG_5955  IMG_5948 IMG_5949

Add a small supply of food: tea bags, banana skins, vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, are all good. Then place a layers of good compost soil.

IMG_5957  IMG_5956

Add lots of wriggly worms!

 IMG_5951 IMG_5958 IMG_5959

Finish off with a layer of dried grass and seal the top of the container.

IMG_5960 IMG_5969 IMG_5970

Everybody worked together in their school home teams to make their own wormery. 

IMG_5968 IMG_5966 IMG_5967 IMG_5965 IMG_5964 

It took very little time to make a wormery. 

IMG_5963 IMG_5961 IMG_5976 

We gave their new homes name labels and found cool and dry places to keep them safe. Tim told us that every now and again we need to add a couple of teaspoons of water to keep the wormery moist. 

IMG_5977 IMG_5978

Buddy Walkabout

On Friday P1/2 went on a walkabout outside the school to look at and discuss whether the places and things we saw were near to the school or far away from the school. They were accompanied by the P6/7 to make sure we were safe and to help us with to record what we saw onto our worksheets. 


Scottish Book Week 24th- 30th Nov

On our last shared book reading session, P1/2 chose their last book (from the Scottish Children’s Book awards shortlist) to be read by their P6/7 buddies. 


The children voted for their favourite book from the three beautifully illustrated picture books and the collated Elphinstone pupil results will be sent online to the Scottish Book Trust Awards. We will have to wait until March before we will find out the winner!

040 041

043 ‘Lost for Words’ – 5 votes

045  Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten – 7 votes


Robot Rumpus – 5 votes

The P3 children also had the opportunity to vote for their favourites.


The P1 pupils were given their Bookbug P1 Family Pack:                 It contains the three books from the Scottish Children’s Book Awards shortlist, an activity book and a pack of coloured pencils and a ‘Ziggy and Maggie Start School’ road safety book.


P1/2 and P6/7 Shared Reading

Shared reading is a great way for older and younger pupils to share and discover books together. This involved the older P6/7 pupils  reading picture books out loud to their  P1/2 buddies.  They have met each week to share the reading of one of the three books that are shortlisted the Scottish Book Trust awards. Next week we read our final book. Then all the pupils will vote for their favourite book. Our votes will be collated and sent off to the Scottish Book Trust. 

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