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Fun with Buddy Bear

A superhero-themed anti-bullying campaign to promote kindness and friendship to children was launched in East Lothian with a dress-up day at Elphinstone Primary School to raise funds for the Buddy Bear Backpack initiative. P1-7 children dressed as superheroes and brought their favourite teddies too. IMG_9750

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The children had a wonderful fun-filled morning and participated with their home-teams buddies in several activities. Buddy Bear was a popular visitor- everyone wanted to shake his paw! 
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The initiative aims to reinforce and raise awareness and understanding of bullying both from the perspective of the bully and the individuals being bullied. 
Backpacks will be left with the school. Each contains activities, a ‘Buddy Bear’ soft toy and a colouring-in story book, about a bear who is transformed into a superhero to resolve the problems being faced by his owner at school.
The Buddy Bear superhero motto, ‘KAPAW!’ (Kindness, Action, Play, Ask, Well done), provides a step-by-step method of preventing and solving bullying. 
A website for the Buddy Bear scheme has also been launched: 
” It is every teacher’s goal to have a school environment free from bullying and this initiative could make a real impact on our efforts to make this a reality. We at Elphinstone are delighted to have hosted and contributed to an event for such a worthy and innovative project. ” Heather Williams


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Assembly on Bullying

A few weeks ago we held an assembly on bullying. Mrs Williams set every class a different task which involved talking about bullying and how we feel.  This week it was time for everyone to feedback on their discussions in class.


P1/2 had drawn and talked about their ‘bag of worries’.

P3/4 discussed what people feel when they are bullied. They drew posters to show how bullying feels.


P6/7 discussed different scenarios when someone is bullied and the strategies they could use to solve each situation.

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Buddying Citizenship Events Expressive Arts

Friendship Bench

Our newly decorated ‘Friendship Bench’ was launched last week! The bench offers a place in the playground where pupils can sit if they are lonely, upset or just want someone to play with. It acts as a signal to other children to step in and help.

Pupils gather around the new buddy bench.
Pupils gather around the new buddy bench.

The bench was built by Macmerry Men’s Shed and two of their volunteers, Jimmy Cunningham and David Dickson visited the school with parent, Stuart McKenzie.

P3-7 pupils enjoyed painting it in the colours of the rainbow and decorating it with detailed flowers and insects. The painting project was overseen by our art teacher, Mrs McLoed.

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Fairtrade Leaflets

Following Fairtrade Fortnight activities and lessons to highlight and focus on Fairtrade farmers and their produce, P3-7 pupils have been writing Fairtrade information leaflets to take home and share with parents.

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Citizenship Eco Health & Wellbeing

Community Warden Visit

Three East Lothian Community Wardens (Callum, Stuart and Jimmy) came to our school to talk about their jobs. East Lothian is a wonderful place to live and we saw many photos we recognised of lovely and favourite places that we have visited with our families or the school.

DSCF5900 DSCF5902 

It is important that they stay nice places to visit. The Community Wardens help to keep our environment looking neat, tidy and safe but they need our help to do this. Callum, Stuart and Jimmy talked about litter, dog fouling and damage in our towns and villages. We saw how it can be dangerous for children and wildlife.

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Fairtrade Treasure Hunt

Today we held a Fairtrade Treasure Hunt. The P1-7 children competed against each other in their whole school home-teams to try and find all the hidden Fairtrade objects in the playground. Some were trickier to spot than others! Altogether there were 35 Fairtrade products to find.

All the Fairtrade products we found in the playground showed the black, green and blue Fairtrade logo. These are now on display in the school:

Nuts and raisins, Chocolate bars, sweets & biscuits, drinking chocolate, bananas, green beanspineapple, brown & white sugar, cotton T-shirts, tea-towel, eco-bag, cotton buds, cotton pads, footballs, flowers, jam and marmalade, spices, tea, coffee and wine.

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Citizenship Events

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 29th February until 13th March. Through a variety of activities, the pupils will learn about how fairtrade helps farmers in developing countries.

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Citizenship Events

P3/4 Bake Sale

Thank you to everyone who donated or bought cakes at our P3/4 bake sale this morning. We raised £62.05! More photos on P3/4 class site.



SSPCA visit

Lee Williams from the Scottish SPCA visited Elphinstone today. She held interactive workshops for P1/2 and P3-7 on the work of the Scottish SPCA to help them gain an understanding of how they can be ‘responsible animal citizens’. Lee talked about her job in helping to save animals from abuse, neglect and injury. With P3-7 Lee showed a video and discussed what we should do if we find an injured animal or bird. The advice is to not touch the animal to prevent injury to themselves or the animal, but to contact the Scottish SPCA and let their officers deal with it safely.

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The pupils had opportunities to play a game in their home-team groups. Lee left the children car/ window stickers, SSPCA rulers and badge stickers.

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Office Bearers feedback

On Tuesday, the school office bearers held their committee meetings to discuss plans for the rest of the term.  At our assembly the Eco Group, Pupil Council, Junior Road Safety Officers and the pupils responsible for the Fruit Trolley and Playground Equipment all gave their feedback to the rest of the school.