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Nursery Brass Performance

Mr Fawen and his brass pupils performed to the Nursery on Wednesday. The children really enjoyed the experience of playing to an audience, and the nursery children loved listening to them playing their instruments. Well done Jonathan, Arran, Rebekkah, Jessica, Lewis and Alastair.

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Friendship Assembly

As part of our emotional literacy programme in school we looked at friendships. Mrs. Williams led an Assembly on friendships and each class got a task to do over 2 weeks regarding this topic.

In the Nursery we looked at what it meant to be a friend and we made friendship leaves. 


In P1/2 we talked about friends and made friend badges.

In p3/4 we built a friendship wall with bricks naming the attributes of a good friend.


In 5/6/7 we looked at conflict in friendships. We identified triggers  and strategies on how to deal with conflict.


All pupils were given Family friendship homework to do and it was pleasing to see how many were returned. Thank you.

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Friendship Bench

The ‘Stars of the Week’ were the first pupils to sit on our new  ‘Friendship Bench’. This will be painted in bright colours by every child in the school and placed in the playground.

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Children in Need

 Thank you for your generous donations for ‘Children in Need’. The total amount raised for this very worthwhile cause is £100! ‘Be a Champion’ was the theme this year and the pupils’ champions and their costumes were varied and splendid! 

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Armistice Day

Today at 11 o’clock, all pupils P1-7 at Elphinstone Primary observed a two minute silence for Armistice Day. The children gathered together in a classroom to watch the live BBC broadcast.

The poppy appeal at Elphinstone raised £20.64


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Calendar Competition entries

Every year Food Standards Scotland holds a calendar competition. Pupils at Elphinstone were encouraged to design a poster about healthy eating or food safety for the 2016 calendar. Thank you to all the children who designed a poster. They are fantastic and the design ideas are very eye catching! Well done! Hopefully there will be a winner among our submitted entries. 


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Harvest Assembly

Thank you to everyone who generously contributed items of food for our Harvest assembly. We had a wonderful display and your donations were delivered and gratefully accepted within the Elphinstone community.

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The whole school drew a picture to decorate the hall for our Harvest Assembly.  

IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7834 IMG_7833  The Nursery, P1/2, P3/4 and P5,6,7 all performed in the assembly with songs, plays and poetry on the theme of Harvest. I think parents will agree that they all did very well!


Playtime Fun!

Elphinstone Pupils enjoying their playtime with playground equipment, our trim trail and some games organised by our playground supervisor, Mrs Campbell.

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New P5/6/7 Class Make Fantastic Dens

The new P5/6/7 class got together in teams this morning to build a variety of dens as part of the National Save the Children’s Den Day!
Thanks to friends and family for your generous sponsorship and for providing children with suncream and some materials.
Well done to all groups for your brilliant team work and fantastic designs. The children learnt a lot and had a fabulous time. The other new classes came to try out the dens after break and P3/4 voted Lauren, Alicia and Logan’s to be their particular favourite as it had a door.
Please send in any sponsor money by the end of next week.
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Biodiversity – A Word From The Expert

Stuart MacPherson, East Lothian’s Biodiversity Officer, visited Elphinstone Primary School this afternoon to help the children understand what is meant by “Biodiversity.”
Stuart arranged volunteers into a food pyramid. He started with flowers which were eaten by slugs which became food for birds. The birds were then eaten by our newly introduced Lynx (Josh and Kelsey)!
Thanks for a very informative talk.

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