Buddying Citizenship Literacy and English

P1/2 and P6/7 Shared Reading

Shared reading is a great way for older and younger pupils to share and discover books together. This involved the older P6/7 pupils  reading picture books out loud to their  P1/2 buddies.  They have met each week to share the reading of one of the three books that are shortlisted the Scottish Book Trust awards. Next week we read our final book. Then all the pupils will vote for their favourite book. Our votes will be collated and sent off to the Scottish Book Trust. 

Shared Reading with our Buddies on PhotoPeach

Citizenship Events Expressive Arts

Green Cross Code Assembly

P6/7 were challenged by the JRSO team to present the Green Cross Code as a rap, song or rhyme. They worked in cooperative teams and did an amazing job! Their group presentations were shown at assembly this week and the school voted on which one they wanted as their school Green Cross Code rap. Each pupil showed their vote by placing a marble into a group’s tub.

IMG_4265  The marbles were counted and it was a close result between all the teams.  The winning team was ‘Road Safety Squad’. Well done!

Citizenship Office Bearers

New Office Bearers for session 2014-15

P7 Prefects: Sophie, Charlotte, Josh, Erin, Aimee, Lara, Amalea, Latisha, Ellie and Daisy

P7 Junior Road Safety Officers: Aimee, Latisha and Lara


Eco Committee: P1 Eve  P2 Max  P2 Abigail  P3 Aaron  P4 Logan  P5 Ailsa  P6 Jessica P7 Charlotte

IMG_4103  IMG_4104

Pupil Council Representatives: P1 Logan P2 Faith P3 Darcy P4 Rebekkah P5 Shane P6 Aaron P7 Erin

P6 Tutti Frutti Trolley: Lauren and Hayley