Understanding Our School evening at Ross High

All Primary 6 and 7 parents/guardians are invited to the Understanding Our School evening at Ross High School on Tuesday 25th September from 5:30pm to 8pm. The evening will have sessions and stalls aimed to help you support your child through their journey at Ross High. More details can be found here

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Thank you for a lovely send off!

Thank you so much for such a special Elphy send off! I’ve really enjoyed working at this wonderful wee school and will miss the children lots. It’s not many retiring teachers that can say they were dressed as a pirate and played a football match against the P7’s……and won! A great memory to finish on!

Thank you parents and children for all the lovely gifts, beautiful cards and very kind words! I was overwhelmed by your generosity! What a lovely class and school to end my career on. It’s been fun and I’ll miss you all! Have a great summer. I promise to visit you sometime.

Love from Karen x

Buddying Events

Pirate Fun!

Our P7 pupils planned lots of fun activities on a pirate theme for the last week of term. This morning while it poured with rain, everybody gathered in the hall for the pirate Beetle Drive. This is always a popular and loud and lots of fun!

IMG_9974 IMG_9975 IMG_9977

Finally the sun appeared and at last we were able to get outside for the Pirate Treasure Hunt! This was another buddy event where children had to work with their partner to hunt for clues and follow the instructions on the pirate trail. Mrs Jack had hidden these clues all over the playground so we had to carefully look to find them! 

IMG_9978 IMG_9979 IMG_9980 IMG_9981 IMG_9982 IMG_9984 IMG_9985 IMG_9986 IMG_9987 IMG_9988 IMG_9989

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Elphy’s Got Talent!

Following many requests for a talent show, the pupil council discussed running this event at the end of term. They placed posters around the school and encouraged people to sign up with their acts. The P7’s, Jessica and Leon, organised the event. They both did a fabulous job taking turns to compere the afternoon. The rest of the pupil council members were judges. When they were impressed with a performance, they rang their individual bells to show their appreciation. The judges gave positive and often cleverly worded comments. They were much more respectful than Simon Cowell!

IMG_9963Well done also to all the participants in our ‘Elphy’s got Talent’ Show! The performances were very varied with all ages of children from P1-7 entertaining us with their amazing talents. What a wonderful afternoon! 

IMG_9934 IMG_9943 IMG_9940  

IMG_9951 IMG_9948 IMG_9941

The audience were treated to an array of dancing; highland, tap, and disco. There were synchronised indoor and outdoor gymnastic displays, and several children chose to sing solos. The audience clearly enjoyed the wide range of songs. 

IMG_9939 IMG_9935 IMG_9916  

IMG_9947 IMG_9946 IMG_9949

There was also great applause for incredible animal impersonations, some funny jokes, a lively puppet show and super Power Ranger moves!

 IMG_9938 IMG_9936 IMG_9956         

In the  last act, the children encouraged the audience to join in with the dancing- Gangnam style!

 IMG_9957 IMG_9958 IMG_9967  

There is an abundance of talent at Elphinstone Primary!


Buddying Events Expressive Arts Technologies

Pirate Ship Challenge!

The challenge: To use plastic bottles and an assortment of other materials to build a pirate ship that would float in water. 

Working with our ‘buddies’ we discussed the best ways to complete this task. The competition was fierce! 

IMG_9864 IMG_9865 IMG_9866 IMG_9868 IMG_9869 IMG_9870 IMG_9871 IMG_9872 IMG_9873 IMG_9874 IMG_9875 IMG_9876

There was some excellent teamwork between older and younger pupils. The finished results were not only very different but cleverly creative!

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Float or Sink? The competition Begins!

IMG_9900 IMG_9899

Outside in the playground the test begins.  Will our ships float and win …..or capsize and sink! 

IMG_9912 IMG_9911 IMG_9910

IMG_9909 IMG_9908 IMG_9907

We competed against each other and the youngest buddy had the task of blowing the ship across the tub of water.  Amid much cheering and laughter, Mrs Berry and Mrs Small had the difficult task of judging the pirate ships.

IMG_9906 IMG_9905 IMG_9904 IMG_9903 IMG_9902 IMG_9913

The winner was declared at the end of the contest. Well done to Olivia and Kelsey!

IMG_9915 IMG_9914

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Mini- mudder update

Thanks to Megan and her team as well as all the pupils who were sponsored……..the final amount raised from the Mini-Mudder was an amazing £915. Well done all!

IMG_9843 IMG_9837 IMG_9832

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Childrens’ University Summer Activity Challenge

Please click the link  below for information sheet for the Childrens’ University Summer Activity Challenge

Summer Challenge

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Mini-Mudder 2016

Pictures of another successful mini-mudder! Thanks to all parents who organised this and set up all the obstacles.

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Nursery Mini Mudders

We enjoyed the mini mudder today with some tricky obstacles and LOTS of sunshine. Tired out but happy we then finished our morning with a picnic snack!