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Elphy’s Got Talent!

Following many requests for a talent show, the pupil council discussed running this event at the end of term. They placed posters around the school and encouraged people to sign up with their acts. The P7’s, Jessica and Leon, organised the event. They both did a fabulous job taking turns to compere the afternoon. The rest of the pupil council members were judges. When they were impressed with a performance, they rang their individual bells to show their appreciation. The judges gave positive and often cleverly worded comments. They were much more respectful than Simon Cowell!

IMG_9963Well done also to all the participants in our ‘Elphy’s got Talent’ Show! The performances were very varied with all ages of children from P1-7 entertaining us with their amazing talents. What a wonderful afternoon! 

IMG_9934 IMG_9943 IMG_9940  

IMG_9951 IMG_9948 IMG_9941

The audience were treated to an array of dancing; highland, tap, and disco. There were synchronised indoor and outdoor gymnastic displays, and several children chose to sing solos. The audience clearly enjoyed the wide range of songs. 

IMG_9939 IMG_9935 IMG_9916  

IMG_9947 IMG_9946 IMG_9949

There was also great applause for incredible animal impersonations, some funny jokes, a lively puppet show and super Power Ranger moves!

 IMG_9938 IMG_9936 IMG_9956         

In the  last act, the children encouraged the audience to join in with the dancing- Gangnam style!

 IMG_9957 IMG_9958 IMG_9967  

There is an abundance of talent at Elphinstone Primary!


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Pirate Ship Challenge!

The challenge: To use plastic bottles and an assortment of other materials to build a pirate ship that would float in water. 

Working with our ‘buddies’ we discussed the best ways to complete this task. The competition was fierce! 

IMG_9864 IMG_9865 IMG_9866 IMG_9868 IMG_9869 IMG_9870 IMG_9871 IMG_9872 IMG_9873 IMG_9874 IMG_9875 IMG_9876

There was some excellent teamwork between older and younger pupils. The finished results were not only very different but cleverly creative!

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Friendship Bench

Our newly decorated ‘Friendship Bench’ was launched last week! The bench offers a place in the playground where pupils can sit if they are lonely, upset or just want someone to play with. It acts as a signal to other children to step in and help.

Pupils gather around the new buddy bench.
Pupils gather around the new buddy bench.

The bench was built by Macmerry Men’s Shed and two of their volunteers, Jimmy Cunningham and David Dickson visited the school with parent, Stuart McKenzie.

P3-7 pupils enjoyed painting it in the colours of the rainbow and decorating it with detailed flowers and insects. The painting project was overseen by our art teacher, Mrs McLoed.

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Nursery Brass Performance

Mr Fawen and his brass pupils performed to the Nursery on Wednesday. The children really enjoyed the experience of playing to an audience, and the nursery children loved listening to them playing their instruments. Well done Jonathan, Arran, Rebekkah, Jessica, Lewis and Alastair.

IMG_8839 IMG_8845 IMG_8843 IMG_8842


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Our school nativity this year is based on a traditional folk tale, this nativity musical tells the story of Baboushka, a Russian woman who hears the news of the birth of Jesus, but at first refuses to listen. IMG_8474

The performances are on the afternoon of Wednesday 9th and the evening of Thursday 10th December.

The Christmas hamper raffle will be drawn after the evening performance. Any donations towards the hamper will be most welcome.

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New P5/6/7 Class Make Fantastic Dens

The new P5/6/7 class got together in teams this morning to build a variety of dens as part of the National Save the Children’s Den Day!
Thanks to friends and family for your generous sponsorship and for providing children with suncream and some materials.
Well done to all groups for your brilliant team work and fantastic designs. The children learnt a lot and had a fabulous time. The other new classes came to try out the dens after break and P3/4 voted Lauren, Alicia and Logan’s to be their particular favourite as it had a door.
Please send in any sponsor money by the end of next week.
Dens on PhotoPeach

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YMI Music Workshop

 P1-7, enjoyed a whole school music workshop. Every child was given an instrument and had great fun joining in with the music fun with ‘feeling the beat’ and ‘getting into the groove’!  Our visitors from YMI were great at involving everyone and it was a brilliant afternoon! 


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The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

Play tickets IMG_4998

On 10th and 11th December P1-7  performed in our annual Christmas show: ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’. Every child in the school had a part and they all worked very hard on to put on a fabulous performance. Judging by the parents’ comments afterwards, they really enjoyed this year’s nativity. We are glad you enjoyed the show!

Thank you to Mrs Moore for all her hard work and skills in directing, producing, choreography and sewing! Thank you also to P1/2 for their wonderful nativity drawings which we used in the programme. 

The proceeds from the nativity photographs will go towards the P6/7 school camp in June.

IMG_5001IMG_5002 IMG_5006 IMG_5005 IMG_5004 IMG_5002

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Green Cross Code Assembly

P6/7 were challenged by the JRSO team to present the Green Cross Code as a rap, song or rhyme. They worked in cooperative teams and did an amazing job! Their group presentations were shown at assembly this week and the school voted on which one they wanted as their school Green Cross Code rap. Each pupil showed their vote by placing a marble into a group’s tub.

IMG_4265  The marbles were counted and it was a close result between all the teams.  The winning team was ‘Road Safety Squad’. Well done!