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Mini- mudder update

Thanks to Megan and her team as well as all the pupils who were sponsored……..the final amount raised from the Mini-Mudder was an amazing £915. Well done all!

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Childrens’ University Summer Activity Challenge

Please click the link  below for information sheet for the Childrens’ University Summer Activity Challenge

Summer Challenge

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Mini-Mudder 2016

Pictures of another successful mini-mudder! Thanks to all parents who organised this and set up all the obstacles.

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Nursery Mini Mudders

We enjoyed the mini mudder today with some tricky obstacles and LOTS of sunshine. Tired out but happy we then finished our morning with a picnic snack!






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Fun with Buddy Bear

A superhero-themed anti-bullying campaign to promote kindness and friendship to children was launched in East Lothian with a dress-up day at Elphinstone Primary School to raise funds for the Buddy Bear Backpack initiative. P1-7 children dressed as superheroes and brought their favourite teddies too. IMG_9750

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The children had a wonderful fun-filled morning and participated with their home-teams buddies in several activities. Buddy Bear was a popular visitor- everyone wanted to shake his paw! 
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The initiative aims to reinforce and raise awareness and understanding of bullying both from the perspective of the bully and the individuals being bullied. 
Backpacks will be left with the school. Each contains activities, a ‘Buddy Bear’ soft toy and a colouring-in story book, about a bear who is transformed into a superhero to resolve the problems being faced by his owner at school.
The Buddy Bear superhero motto, ‘KAPAW!’ (Kindness, Action, Play, Ask, Well done), provides a step-by-step method of preventing and solving bullying. 
A website for the Buddy Bear scheme has also been launched: 
” It is every teacher’s goal to have a school environment free from bullying and this initiative could make a real impact on our efforts to make this a reality. We at Elphinstone are delighted to have hosted and contributed to an event for such a worthy and innovative project. ” Heather Williams


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Assembly on Bullying

A few weeks ago we held an assembly on bullying. Mrs Williams set every class a different task which involved talking about bullying and how we feel.  This week it was time for everyone to feedback on their discussions in class.


P1/2 had drawn and talked about their ‘bag of worries’.

P3/4 discussed what people feel when they are bullied. They drew posters to show how bullying feels.


P6/7 discussed different scenarios when someone is bullied and the strategies they could use to solve each situation.

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Fire Safety Visit

Fire Safety Officers visited Elphinstone Primary yesterday and talked to Nursery, P1-7 in our assembly about Fire Safety. Using the website, the pupils were taken through an interactive ‘house’ to spot fire hazards in every room.

IMG_9465   IMG_9466 IMG_9467  The children learned about the various dangers and the ways in which fires can start. We discussed the importance of smoke detectors and that they save many lives each year.  The Firemen talked us through different fire scenarios in the house and the children had to work out the best escape route for each incident. It was a very informative assembly and the pupils were clearly interested and asked the firemen lots of their questions.

IMG_9468 Every child was given an information card from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service offering  Free Home Fire Safety visits and Free Smoke alarms.

To book a free home safety visit for you, or someone you know….

CALL 0800 0731999    

TEXT ‘FIRE’ to 80800


Citizenship Health & Wellbeing

Fairtrade Leaflets

Following Fairtrade Fortnight activities and lessons to highlight and focus on Fairtrade farmers and their produce, P3-7 pupils have been writing Fairtrade information leaflets to take home and share with parents.

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Sports Relief

The children had a very active morning for sports relief. P1-7 were joined by the nursery in the hall for a warm up followed school home-team activities. The groups rotated around each sporting activity and then back in the hall to finish off with a cool-down session. Thank you for all the donations. We raised £126!


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Book Week Celebrations

Thank you to everyone who supported Elphinstone Primary Book Week. We had an excellent response and the children were clearly happy with the wide choice of books on offer.  To celebrate our Book Week, the children came dressed as characters from favourite books.  Each child had a chance to parade and even act out their character. The costumes were very imaginative and varied. Mrs Berry and Mrs Small had the difficult  task of choosing a winner from each class, including the nursery.


Congratulations to winners who each received a book of their choice from the book fair shelves: P5-7 Rhys, P3/4 Abigail, P1/2 Erin and Nursery Rachael.