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Community Warden Visit

Three East Lothian Community Wardens (Callum, Stuart and Jimmy) came to our school to talk about their jobs. East Lothian is a wonderful place to live and we saw many photos we recognised of lovely and favourite places that we have visited with our families or the school.

DSCF5900 DSCF5902 

It is important that they stay nice places to visit. The Community Wardens help to keep our environment looking neat, tidy and safe but they need our help to do this. Callum, Stuart and Jimmy talked about litter, dog fouling and damage in our towns and villages. We saw how it can be dangerous for children and wildlife.

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We have a new ‘welcome’ mat in our front entrance to Elphinstone Primary!



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Play Pod trial experience

Thanks to parent, Megan Houchin, we were lucky enough to have a trial last week with the Play Pod equipment. The children had a wonderful time playing imaginatively with a wide assortment of objects.

 A funding application is being submitted so that we can buy the equipment and receive training. Please see our recent newsletter on why we are excited about encouraging play. 

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Christmas Lunch

On Thursday, Elphinstone pupils enjoyed their Christmas Lunch. Earlier in the week, the children had worked in their school home-teams to decorate their place-mats and place-names. Christmas crackers added to the festive atmosphere! The children enjoyed their soup starter, turkey & vegetables and ice-cream dessert. The food disappeared fast! Thank you Maria for a lovely meal!

IMG_8534  IMG_8533IMG_8535

IMG_8531 IMG_8530 IMG_8529 IMG_8528

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Xmas Snowman Drive

IMG_8520 IMG_8523 IMG_8521

Lots of noisy fun with our Xmas Snowman Drive. Pupils were paired with a partner to play against other buddied pairs at their table. We played 9 games altogether! The game finished whenever a pair completed their snowmen. At the end of each round, the winners at each table moved to he next table to play against a new team.

  IMG_8525 IMG_8522 IMG_8515

IMG_8518 IMG_8517 IMG_8514

Well done to the winners!  IMG_8527

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Tutti Frutti Tuesday

We were happy with the amount of people who took part in Tutti Frutti Tuesday and who brought or took fruit. It is only 20p. Lewis

Lots of people were there taking part on Tutti Frutti Tuesday. Alicia



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Friendship Assembly

As part of our emotional literacy programme in school we looked at friendships. Mrs. Williams led an Assembly on friendships and each class got a task to do over 2 weeks regarding this topic.

In the Nursery we looked at what it meant to be a friend and we made friendship leaves. 


In P1/2 we talked about friends and made friend badges.

In p3/4 we built a friendship wall with bricks naming the attributes of a good friend.


In 5/6/7 we looked at conflict in friendships. We identified triggers  and strategies on how to deal with conflict.


All pupils were given Family friendship homework to do and it was pleasing to see how many were returned. Thank you.

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Autumn Winter School Menu

Please click link below to see the new Autumn/ Winter Primary Schools Lunch Menu for Nov ’15 -April ’16

Primary School 3 week Winter Menu

As with last year, Mrs Braby will continue to hold regular tasting sessions to give all pupils the opportunity to try dishes on the menu. This has proved very successful in the past and has resulted in an improved uptake of school meals and children choosing a greater variety of meals from the menu. This idea is now being copied by other schools. 

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Calendar Competition entries

Every year Food Standards Scotland holds a calendar competition. Pupils at Elphinstone were encouraged to design a poster about healthy eating or food safety for the 2016 calendar. Thank you to all the children who designed a poster. They are fantastic and the design ideas are very eye catching! Well done! Hopefully there will be a winner among our submitted entries. 


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Harvest Assembly

Thank you to everyone who generously contributed items of food for our Harvest assembly. We had a wonderful display and your donations were delivered and gratefully accepted within the Elphinstone community.

IMG_7835 IMG_7836 IMG_7837

The whole school drew a picture to decorate the hall for our Harvest Assembly.  

IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7834 IMG_7833  The Nursery, P1/2, P3/4 and P5,6,7 all performed in the assembly with songs, plays and poetry on the theme of Harvest. I think parents will agree that they all did very well!