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Office Bearers feedback

On Tuesday, the school office bearers held their committee meetings to discuss plans for the rest of the term.  At our assembly the Eco Group, Pupil Council, Junior Road Safety Officers and the pupils responsible for the Fruit Trolley and Playground Equipment all gave their feedback to the rest of the school. 




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Tutti Frutti Tuesday

We were happy with the amount of people who took part in Tutti Frutti Tuesday and who brought or took fruit. It is only 20p. Lewis

Lots of people were there taking part on Tutti Frutti Tuesday. Alicia



Citizenship Office Bearers

New Office Bearers for session 2014-15

P7 Prefects: Sophie, Charlotte, Josh, Erin, Aimee, Lara, Amalea, Latisha, Ellie and Daisy

P7 Junior Road Safety Officers: Aimee, Latisha and Lara


Eco Committee: P1 Eve  P2 Max  P2 Abigail  P3 Aaron  P4 Logan  P5 Ailsa  P6 Jessica P7 Charlotte

IMG_4103  IMG_4104

Pupil Council Representatives: P1 Logan P2 Faith P3 Darcy P4 Rebekkah P5 Shane P6 Aaron P7 Erin

P6 Tutti Frutti Trolley: Lauren and Hayley