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Fairtrade Treasure Hunt

Today we held a Fairtrade Treasure Hunt. The P1-7 children competed against each other in their whole school home-teams to try and find all the hidden Fairtrade objects in the playground. Some were trickier to spot than others! Altogether there were 35 Fairtrade products to find.

All the Fairtrade products we found in the playground showed the black, green and blue Fairtrade logo. These are now on display in the school:

Nuts and raisins, Chocolate bars, sweets & biscuits, drinking chocolate, bananas, green beanspineapple, brown & white sugar, cotton T-shirts, tea-towel, eco-bag, cotton buds, cotton pads, footballs, flowers, jam and marmalade, spices, tea, coffee and wine.

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Citizenship Events Social Studies

Armistice Day

Today at 11 o’clock, all pupils P1-7 at Elphinstone Primary observed a two minute silence for Armistice Day. The children gathered together in a classroom to watch the live BBC broadcast.

The poppy appeal at Elphinstone raised £20.64


Literacy and English Science Social Studies

P4-7 visit to Sky Academy Studios


P4-7 spent a very enjoyable day at Sky Academy Skills Studios in Livingston. Working in mixed teams, they produced a Sky news report on the ‘Mission to Mars’. Each pupil had an important role within the team: Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Presenter/ Reporter, Experts, Eyewitnesses, Editor and Camera Operator. The Skills Studios provided the children with an opportunity to develop skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication, teamwork and self-management by producing their own news report. It was a great example of co-opertive learning in the real world of work! 

Everybody received a well deserved certificate for their excellent and very professional production and the Sky Academy gave everybody a USB wristband with an uploaded copy of heir work. 

Sky Academy Skills Studios on PhotoPeach

Buddying Social Studies

Buddy Walkabout

On Friday P1/2 went on a walkabout outside the school to look at and discuss whether the places and things we saw were near to the school or far away from the school. They were accompanied by the P6/7 to make sure we were safe and to help us with to record what we saw onto our worksheets.