Matthew Fitt

Today we watched Matthew Fitt sing some songs and read some stories on GLOW TV. Matthew Fitt is an author and he writes stories and songs in the Scots language. He was the author of the story ‘Yin Moose in his Coontin Hoose’ that we had so much fun reading with Sonsie music.

We joined in with him when he sang ‘Ally Bally’ and ‘Three Craws’. We heard some songs we hadn’t heard before too.

He asked if anyone knew the Scots word for a fox. Mrs Beveridge told us it was a Tod. We told Michael that our school badge had a tod on it.

Other Achievements

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We always LOVE to hear what the boys and girls have been getting up to outside school.

Seal Pups

Ian’s Dad needed some help working out how many seal pups had been born on the Isle of May. We have been working hard to help him!

First we wrote down the number of seal pups which had been born each week

Then we started to count in 10’s to add the numbers together.

Next we had to add on 25! So we counted up two more tens and then added on 5.

Then we added our last number. We counted up 10 more in 1’s.

SOOOOO … We got our answer! Paul there has been 115 seal pups born in the last 4 weeks!

We hope that we helped you and we can’t wait to watch the seal pups on the webcam. If you want you can watch them at home to by clicking here.


We have been practising lots for our Nativity and we are getting better and better. We have even been practising on the stage in our costumes! Back in the class we have been playing in a stable and with our playmobil Nativity set.

Time is moving forward…..

Time is marching on and we have loads to do to get ready for ‘HOTDOG

(The word Christmas is banned in school until 1st Dec so we have adopted the word hotdog to replace it.)

Today we started making our ‘hotdog’ decorations for the tree….

….but you’ll need to wait to see the finished product!!


A Moose in the Hoose

This morning Simon and Jo from Sonsie Music came to our school. They read us the story … ‘A Moose in the Hoose.’


…..It was no ordinary story. It was a counting story and it was in the Scots language. We learned some new Scots words. Jo read through the story and Simon played his basoon. We helped by holding the numbers up.


Check out this great website for free books to read online. There’s loads of stories to read although not all of the full text are available online.  Just click the age tab at the top to choose books which are at an appropriate level for your child.


Floating and Sinking

This afternoon we were learning about floating and sinking.