A Moose in the Hoose

This morning Simon and Jo from Sonsie Music came to our school. They read us the story … ‘A Moose in the Hoose.’


…..It was no ordinary story. It was a counting story and it was in the Scots language. We learned some new Scots words. Jo read through the story and Simon played his basoon. We helped by holding the numbers up.

4 thoughts on “A Moose in the Hoose

  1. looks like it was a great day! seeing the pics started Alistair telling us all about what they did….

  2. It’s really good as it can be hard to get him talking about school and we’re very interested. He hadn’t said anything much about Sonsie day until we were looking at the blog. So brilliant. We love this blog – it is a great idea of yours. much appreciated. Jude and Paul

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