6 thoughts on “Number Counts

  1. Hi Miss Wolgemouth,

    Since Ben has been off school today we have been doing the Caterpillar Game. He got lots right!


    Dear P1/2

    This is Ian’s dad at work at the Scottish Seabird Centre. Can you help me? I am trying to work out how many seal pups have been born over the past 4 weeks on the Isle of May. (You can see them from our webcam on the Seabird Centre website). In the first week there were 10 born. In the second week there were 25 born, in the third week there were 50 born and in the last week there were 30 born. Can anyone work out how many seals have been born for me?
    Good luck!

  3. Some more maths help – please!

    As you were so good with adding up the seal numbers, I have another maths challenge for you.

    It’s about my lobster. He cast off his old shell last week as he is getting bigger, the last time he did this was at Easter, so he is casting his shell about 2 times every year. If he lives another 5 years, how many more shells will he cast off if he keeps growing?

    (I might be able to give you a prize if you can help me with this)

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