Seal Pups

Ian’s Dad needed some help working out how many seal pups had been born on the Isle of May. We have been working hard to help him!

First we wrote down the number of seal pups which had been born each week

Then we started to count in 10’s to add the numbers together.

Next we had to add on 25! So we counted up two more tens and then added on 5.

Then we added our last number. We counted up 10 more in 1’s.

SOOOOO … We got our answer! Paul there has been 115 seal pups born in the last 4 weeks!

We hope that we helped you and we can’t wait to watch the seal pups on the webcam. If you want you can watch them at home to by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Seal Pups

  1. WOW – you guys did great!

    Thank you all for helping me work this out. I now know which superstar class to come to when I have another maths challenge.

    If I get chance I’ll pop some of the recording of seals on a DVD for you to watch in class.

    Thanks again!

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